I am the Creepy Mermaid…

We have had many ‘bad hair days’ as we continue on our journey through potty training. Some days I swear my family looks at me as though I look like this mermaid- sharp teeth, bad hair, horns and all. It has been an experience, learning to control my frustration and impatience. Especially when I ask my daughter if she has to pee, followed by an angry”NO,” as she squats in place, making a fresh puddle on the floor.

Yup! I am THAT mermaid! Who wouldn’t be when they have spent 3 weeks of their life scrubbing up pee, laundering the same 3 pairs of panties (even though you own 8 because she refuses to wear anything but the Minnie Mouse ones), making potty trips every 20 minutes ALL day,and living in a less than clean house because all your energy is spent elsewhere.

Speaking of the little cutie, here she is in her Easter Dress. If you are a Tim Holtz fan you will love this Tim Holtz Electric Elements Wall Flower Rose Parcel fabric I used.

Creating the Journal Layout

I used a punchinella stencil with grunge paste in the background. I sprinkled PaperArtsy infusions in the background before adding some silver embossing over top the textured areas. The background was stamped with a Unity script stencil and a circular stamp.

A old tag, paper flowers, thread, and some sewing scraps were layered around the focal image.

The focal image is a Asian mermaid, that looks a tad scary. I loved this quote and was very excited when I found it because let’s face it, we all look scary when we have a bad hair day. And, it might be the only quote I could find to make this creepy mermaid a bit less creepy (if that makes sense).

Mermaid Journal Layouts:

No Tears

Swimming Through Tears

Sea Treasure In Simple Things

A Beautiful Story

Happy Tea Day to those playing along with Elizabeth and Bleubeard. We had 3 inches of snow last night. Ugh! I am hopeful that this will be the last snow before spring.


Challenges Entered:

(Inspiration: Bad Hair Days, whether created by pollution or not are in our NATURE. And mermaids are part human and part ANIMAL)