Learn From Your Remarkable Journey: Art Journal Page

The Journey of Motherhood

I haven’t taken a lot of amazing journeys in my short life but by far the most memorable one has been mothering. I have had so many unbelievably, happy moments surrounded by the little people that I  treasure most. The giggles and miss-pronounced words have always been a favorite of mine. And who doesn’t love those first steps and the knowledge that you have the power to make everything better. Just a kiss and a snuggle in mommy or daddy’s arms and everything is right in the world again.

And then there are the days that I am convinced I could not have birthed such miserable and selfish little monsters. From the constant bickering to the endless whining I want to go shut myself up in the bathroom and lock the door. But then, they are calling out from the other side, banging on the door as though the Borg are right there, only seconds away from assimilating them. But thankfully, these days are few and far between and always give me a reason to enjoy the happier days.

This quote is perfect for everyone because we all should be learning as we travel through life. And that is why I chose it for this journal page.

Creating the Journal Page

When I started this page, the inspiration was this Lynne Perrella stamp from PaperArtsy. I love how the journey is illustrated by the horse and carriage on her hat. I painted her using Distress Markers and then added some highlights using a pen. I usually stamp with my favorite ink pad but the image never seems bold enough so I enjoy adding a little bit of doodling to make the image pop.

My background has been embossed using a stencil and of course I have added leftover paper strips, gesso and stamping.

My husband recently bought a wallet and the kraft packaging ending up being the perfect background for my stamped image. I finished off with some stamped flowers, also from PaperArtsy, beads and a sentiment.

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Products used:

Challenges Entered:

Simon Says: Use Patterned Paper


STAMPlorations: June Mixed Media Challenge (Stenciling)

Love to Create: Challenge 12 Anything Creative/Mixed Media Goes

Creative Artiste: Challenge 27 Anything Mixed Media Goes

Try It Tuesday: Letters or Numbers (Letters)

Mixed Media World: Challenge #26 Anything Mixed Media Goes



Why He Calls Me ‘The Plant Hospice’


String Of Pearls

Newest Hobby

Recently, I have found a new hobby (hubby calls them obsessions). Houseplants. I mentioned in a previous post that my husband calls me the ‘Plant Hospice’ so this new hobby may be a bit surprising.

I love this book, The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes that I recently read. In this book, houseplants are used liberally as pieces of decor, which I found to be interesting especially since I haven’t had much success at keeping indoor plants alive. Outdoor plants is a entirely different story.

Related: You can read my book review HERE

Watering plants and reading the signs of what they need seems to be a art form, one of which I am slowly acquainting myself with. Last month, I visited a local green house to buy fruits and vegetables for my outdoor garden.

While I was there the selection of indoor plants especially succulents was amazing. I figure, succulents are the hardest plant to kill because they are extremely drought tolerant so why not give it a go?


Aloe Vera




Purple Waffle





Various Succulents


20170523_150222Plant Hospice?

As of right now, all my indoor plants are still living and a few are thriving. But a few of my succulents have started to shrivel up, turn yellow and have a hint of crispiness (under watering?). I feel like no matter what, I can’t win. I cut back on the watering so I don’t over water and I end up under watering them. One of these days I will hopefully get the hang of this houseplant thing before they all die.

Do you have any tips on keeping your houseplants alive?

Steampunked On the Road: A Masculine Art Journal Page


Signs for the Road 1

Life is One Big Road with Lots of Signs- Bob Marley

This quote is so true isn’t it? We have so many different roads that we can take in life and each choice we make impacts the road on which we end up. When we are young we don’t always put much thought into our choices and we just live in the moment. But, crazy enough, those moments can cause consequences that we live out for years to come.

I am so grateful that I had a wonderful father that encouraged me to ‘read the signs’, make good choices and think about the outcomes before hand. I can’t say that all my decisions have been the best, I am human and flawed after all, but I look back and see places where I could have made a different choice which would have put me on a entirely different road.

In honor of upcoming father’s day this is a shout out to my Dad, my Father-in Law and to the Amazing Daddy of our 3 children. Children need dads to help guide them through life’s tough spots. Dad’s make a huge impact whether it be positive or negative. I am so Thankful for these positive and Godly influences in my life and in the lives of my children.

This quote was perfect for my masculine themed journal page.


Signs for the Road 2

Creating The Journal Page

The background for this page is a crumpled up paper bag that had been cut, painted, stenciled and stamped upon. I love the old advertisements as they add a vintage quality to the page. I stamped in the background with a Christy Tomlinson Stamp and stenciled some punchinella, despite it looking like big black blobs.  I used a few older die cuts from my table stash and am feeling pleased with the steam- punkish result… and very fitting as Sunday is Father’s Day.

Signs for the Road 3

Speaking of Father’s Day, what special traditions or things do you do for the men in your life?

Challenges Entered:

Frilly & Funkie- You’re My Inspiration (Steampunk Guy)

Stamps and Stencils- Words With Meaning (Stamping and a stencil)

Mixed Media Monthly Challenge #37- #32 Put a Stencil On It

SanDee & Amelie’s Steampunk Challenge- Anything Goes Steampunk/Industrial

You Need to Embrace the Little Things: Art Journal Page

The Little Things 1

The Little Things

Just a few little things that I can find to be thankful for.

  • a kind husband
  • 3 beautiful little people that call me ‘Mommy’
  • belly laughs
  • a home of my own
  • sincere and trustworthy friends
  • hot cups of tea
  • long hot showers
  • More books to read than time
  • plenty of food on my table

Someone will always have it better and someone will always have it worse, is a phrase I heard often growing up. As I get older I find this to be true, especially the latter. Social media has opened our eyes to a world that most of us never knew existed. The crime, hate, perversion, violence and disregard for authority, that I suppose has always been present, has somehow made its way into our daily lives.

I admit, I don’t like the news, so much of it is depressing and disheartening. But I come away being thankful to God for the vast amount of blessings that he has given me whether they be large or small.

Do you stop to think about all the little blessings despite your difficult circumstances? I am learning that it could always be worse. I know without a doubt that I have someone watching over me and I know He is providing those blessings that help get me through the tough times.

I thought this quote fit into my journal page perfectly.


The Little Things 2

Creating The Art Journal Page

Now that I have shown you all of the pages in my Splashes of Tea Art Journal, I thought I would share my other art journal that is neither themed or titled. It is just a random mix of pages that I created.

So, this page is various paper scraps and die cuts in the background (an attempt to clean up my work space). I have stamping, ink sprays and embossing mixed in to add texture and visual interest. The image was a free download from Land of Nod, although I am unable to find her site for a link.

Challenges Entered:

A Perfect Time to Craft: Open Challenge #6

Creative Artiste: Challenge 27 ‘Anything Mixed Media Goes’

Art Journal Journey: Circles


Splashes of Tea: A Vibrant Mixed Media Art Journal

The Cover

Last but not least, I am sharing the cover of my tea themed art journal. I have named it ‘Splashes of Tea’ due to the many paint splashes throughout. I found this old arc welding manual at a yard sale for a few cents. The cover has lots of cool texture not to mention it is leather bound. Such a great find! When I first made this journal cover I didn’t have a theme in mind. But afterwards when I decided to make a ‘Tea’ themed journal, I thought this cover would fit perfectly. It happens to be the only part of the journal that does not contain the word ‘tea’ or have a tea related picture.

The Inside

If you haven’t seen the inside of this journal here are the links:

Tea With the White Rabbit

The Chinese Tea House

Afternoon Tea

Keep Calm and Put the Kettle On

Too Much Tea

Tea in the Garden

You & Me the Perfect Blend

Spectacular Tea for Me and You

Tea Cups in My Bonnet

Calming Tea with My Girlfriend

The Details

As I already said, I made this cover before deciding on a theme. It was a design team project for PaperArtsy. You can view the step by step tutorial and products used for this cover HERE.

What themes or topics interest you? Have you created a themed art journal?

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to stop.




Calming Tea With My Girl Friend: A Vibrant Art Journal Layout


Calming Tea & Scones

Scones and tea seem to go together. Where I live there are not many places to go to have an amazing cup of tea, except perhaps my kitchen. I love having the opportunity to pull out my tea sets and serve my favorite loose tea in a pot, along side a yummy treat. I don’t bake as much as I did in the past due to my constant battle with a ever expanding waistline but I have always loved sweets with my tea. My favorite side would have to be scones or a fruit dessert. Here are a few recipes that look amazing!

Peach Pie Scones with a Vanilla Glaze

Caramel Apple Scones

The Best Glazed Mixed Berry Scones

Cranberry-Orange Scones

Raspberry-Almond Scones

I don’t know if you noticed from these recipe names, but I have a major obsession with fruit. If you try any of these recipes I would love or hear what you think or see a picture of what you made.

Speaking of tea, go grab a cup and I’ll share how I made my layout.


Creating the Mixed Media Art Journal Layout

By far, this is my favorite layout in the my Tea journal and my last. The way the background came together with all the various colors and splatters makes me so very happy every time I look at it. I embossed the tea cup stamp and then added some watercolors. I think it makes the tea cup pop as opposed to just stamping in ink. I added lots of little embellishments I have had on my table for ages so it was a nice feeling to use those up. I doodled around the edges of the chipboard pieces to make them stand out more and I like the result.


Tea Inspiration

Since I decided to share my love of fruit desserts, I thought I would pick out a fruit flavored tea that is really yummy. Sadly, mine is all gone but I really enjoyed this tea especially when iced and sweetened.
Do you have a favorite fruit flavored tea or dessert? I love recipes (hint, hint… 😉 )

Divine Twine Baker's Twine — Cotton Candy

Willow and Sage Magazine

Challenges Entered:

A Bit More Time to Craft– #45 Anything Goes

Simon Says Wednesday Challenge– Anything Goes

A Perfect Time To Craft– Open Challenge #6

Simon Says Monday Challenge: We’re Going Around in Circles

Craft Stamper Take It and Make It– June ‘Anything Goes’




Tea Cups In My Bonnet: A Colorful Mixed Media Art Journal Layout


New Adventures

Life continues to be crazy, much like my thoughts at the moment. My little boys finish up school today and move on to the next grade. It seems like a few days ago the school year started and I watched them wave from the bus window as they started another new adventure. My, how life gets away from you.

Speaking of new adventures, my little one has finally ventured into the world of walking. She seems way to short to be standing upright and I have to laugh at her zombie-like posture as she maneuvers very slowly around the house. I never want to forget these new adventures that my kids take but I know inevitably they will be replaced by new ones and it will be difficult to recall the old.

To see how I made the layout, keep reading.



Creating the Mixed Media Art Journal Layout

I enjoyed using some bright color inks in this layout along with one of my favorite Lynne Perrella stamp sets. The little bit of baker’s twine coming out of the tea cup is meant to mimic rising steam. Mostly, I layered the background with a ton of paper scraps before adding gesso, paints and splatters.


Tea Inspiration

Don’t you just love that tea cup in her bonnet? I bet there is really a hat out there like this that someone wears around. Even though I love tea, I don’t think I could bring myself to wear this particular hat in public. Let’s face it, the sarcastic remarks would be endless. Now, a hat with antlers or a stuffed squirrel would be a whole different story. Not only would I be able to pull that off,  I might even start a trend. One never knows what to expect from the backwoods of rural Pennsylvania.

Would you wear a hat like this?

Divine Twine Baker's Twine — Cherry
Ranger Ink Tim Holtz Distress Paint - Black SootChallenges Entered:

Altered Book Lover: ‘T’ is for Tea Cup

Mixed Media World– Anything Mixed Media with a Twist

Stamps and Stencils– Fabrics and Fibres

A Inky Mess: #11 Mixed Media

More Mixed Media Challenge– Anything Mixed Media goes ‘Optional Pink’


Spectacular Tea for Me and You: A Delightful Art Journal Layout


Tea for Two: Me & You

Have you ever noticed that tea is one of those beverages that people choose to drink when they share their heart? I have had all types of conversations over tea, ranging from friendly chit chat to outpourings that resulted in gut-wrenching sobs. Tea is comfort in a cup, like that best friend that you run too with the listening ear. It soothes and calms a agitated spirit not to mention that is has so many health benefits. The only downside I can find to tea is that it makes me spend a majority of my day in the bathroom.



Creating the Mixed Media Art Journal Layout

After this, I have two more layouts to share in my Tea Art Journal. I really enjoyed creating the texture on this layout and I especially like the focal color. The paper collection used on this layout was the Graphic 45 Bird Song. And because I never throw anything out, I used several leftover stamped images from my craft table. Don’t those gesso splatters remind you of snow? I tried something different this time and used a wing die-cut as a stencil.


Tea Inspiration

The Mad Hatter is a huge inspiration for tea parties everywhere. When my daughter gets a little older I am hoping she will enjoy tea so that we can have tea parties together. Maybe, she will let me throw her a Mad Hatter themed birthday party some year. Oh, the possibilities are endless!!

Have you ever attended a themed ‘Tea Party?’

Ranger Ink Dylusions Ink Spray - Vibrant Turquoise by Dyan ReaveleyChallenges Entered:

A Little Bit More Time to Craft: #44 Anything Goes


STAMPlorations: Mixed Media May Challenge

We Love to Create: Challenge II Anything Creative/Mixed Media Goes

Creative Artiste: #26 Anything Mixed Media Goes

MM May

Happy Little Stampers: Splats


My Surahi Pot Collection


pot 2

My Surahi Pot Collection

*NOTE: Since writing this post I have found out that these beautiful engraved brass pots are called ‘Surahi‘, a drinking vessel used to store water.

I started my collection two years ago when I was browsing a local antique market with my hubby. It is no secret that I love pretty conversational pieces originating from the Middle East so when I saw this beautiful brass pot labeled ‘Indian Wine Pot,’ I knew I had to have it with a price tag of only $18. Of course, I would have preferred to walk out with the larger version as well for $27, but I was on a budget so the smaller size would have to do. My wonderful husband didn’t discourage me especially since he decided to buy a higher priced ticket item. When I got home I was so excited to display my authentic ‘Indian Wine Pot’ that I purchased for a bargain. Or so I thought.

pot 1

Who Hit the Jackpot? I DID!!!

Almost a year later, I made my weekly visit to Goodwill  and guess what I found? Yes! Another authentic Indian Surahi!! Not only was it in excellent shape but it was a good inch or so taller than the one I already owned.  I turned it upside down to look at the price knowing that it didn’t matter because I was leaving with it in my possession no matter what. It read $5.97! I couldn’t believe that I discovered an amazing deal especially in a small, country town where everyone is pretty much into Primitive Decor (willow trees, barn stars, sheep and Americana). I was seriously trying not to do a little jig where I was standing. Looking around around me, I couldn’t believe all those people had walked by that shelf and not given that lonely, gorgeous pot the time of day. Later on while checking out, one of the employees at Goodwill who knew me, commented on how I always buy the most unusual things. I’ll take that as a compliment.

tea set3

Not Just Once, But Twice!

Here we are almost another year later and I made a spontaneous visit to Goodwill. I say spontaneous because at the moment we are trying to become debt free on our house. Not to mention, that my husband will be unemployed within the year so we have cut all unnecessary spending. So, I am in Goodwill and I found this amazing set: 6 miniature wine cups, a tray and a pot. The whole set cost less than my original antique find! Considering that I had not stepped foot in Goodwill for almost 6 months and that they rotate out their shelves so frequently, it is a wonder that I showed up when this particular item was out. I guess it just really wanted to come home with me.

tea set1

Inspiration for Collection

I am not sure why I am so drawn to these pots, but I imagine it has something to do with my love of Indian Decor and tea (as it resembles a tea pot). My tea pot collection is inspired mainly by Asian Pottery but I love the beautiful, long spouts that these pots have. And isn’t that engraved brass so elegant?

What kinds of collections do you have?

Are any of them globally inspired?

If you enjoy Indian decor you may also like these book reviews:

Marrakesh By Design

The New Bohemians

You & Me the Perfect Blend: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout


You & Me = The Perfect Blend

This sentiment describes my friends  to a ‘T’. We are the perfect balance for each other. What one of them lacks I make up for and vice versa. I have not lived many places in my life but with each place I have lived I made a friend for life.

Growing up, I met my best friend at church. She was home schooled and I was not. She was always the rational one and I was the risk taker (as risky as you can get without being a actual risk taker). She would always listen as I babbled and plotted mischief. As we got older she became a bit bolder and started scheming on her own. We would dream about our lives together as we got older and joked about being ‘Sisters’ in the convent (even though we aren’t Catholic). To this day, she is one of the smartest people I know and has a huge heart!

Moving to New York as a newly wed I didn’t know a soul except for my husband. This crazy woman in our church with a little girl of her own was determined to make friends with me. She would invite me to do ‘something’ with her and then took me to the laundry mat where I would sit in her hot car and watch her 2 year old sleep while she changed the laundry in the machines. We would drive all around town and back because she didn’t plan out her route before leaving the house. A few times we got caught in a bad section of town full of shady looking individuals because she was too busy talking to me instead of focusing on where she was going. Despite her impromptu take on life, she is the most giving and genuine person I have ever met. I know without a doubt that she always has a listening ear and plenty of honest advice.

At the time, I would never have chosen to spend my free-time gallivanting about town on fruitless errands because I am an organized individual. But those hours of ‘wasted’ time were not a waste because those were the moments that bonded us together for life. I love being reminded of the blessings that a good, healthy friendship can provide.

Mixed media Art Journal Layout

Some layouts take a while to meet expectations and this layout was no exception. I struggled to find the right focal image and embellishments. After a while of playing around I settled on the above layout leaving a lot of the background texture exposed. I couldn’t bare to see it all covered up.

I used gel medium and a stencil to create background texture along with paints, stamping and paper scraps.

Tea Inspiration

I like the focal image on this layout because it reminds me of one of my friends that always shared a cup of tea with me. She is the same age as my parents but since my parents were not in the area she became a mother-like figure to me. We spent hours drinking tea and crafting together. She always provided words of wisdom over those cups of tea. Oh, how I miss my friends! I think I could fill a tea cup with tears when if think of all the wonderful times we have had. I am praying that at this present place in my life that God sends me another one of these life-long friends. I don’t know who she is but I am waiting and ready with my tea pot!

If you don’t have this ‘Tea for Two’ Stamp set, go get it! It is elegant, versatile and so cute!

Challenges Entered:

Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge: A Bit of Sparkle

Love To Create: #10 Anything Creative/ Mixed Media

Mixed Media World: Anything Mixed Media Goes with a Twist

Memories Are Time: Mixed Media Tag


Memories Are Time Mixed Media Tag

It has been a while since I sat down and made a tag just for fun but that is what I did this week. I was inspired to work with my new Eye Lattice Stencil by Stencil Girl. They sent me a few stencils for a guest post later on in the year but I couldn’t resist playing around ahead of time.

I reached all of my goals for this project by using my lattice stencil in the background, Sassafras stickers (that I have had for years!) to embellish and a few die cuts that have been sitting on my desk. It feels great to use old stuff up!

Well, this is a short post. Hope you have a great week!


Challenges Entered:

Tag Tuesday: Anything Goes



Too Much Tea: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout


Too Much Can Be Too Much

“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.” But like everything there needs to be a balance. I tend to have a problem in this area especially when it comes to food and hobbies. When I make a dessert I find myself thinking about it non-stop until I eat it. At first, I convince myself all I need is a taste. Of course it doesn’t end there. After that initial taste I want some more. Around the time I have consumed my second helping is usually when I begin feeling yucky. I can hear my husbands voice in my head telling me “You are going to be sick,” followed by, “I told you so.” I hate to admit it but he is almost always right.

When it comes to my hobbies I can become consumed to the point of insomnia. Reading books or searching the internet for ideas always get my creative wheels turning. But then I don’t force them to shut down. I lose sleep and that effects my whole day when I am tired. Recently, I have been thinking about how much better my relationship with God and even my marriage would be if I put my all consuming thoughts and energies into relationships instead of into things that won’t count for much in the end. Does this happen to you?


Mixed Media Art Journal Layout

I stuck with earth tones for this journal layout with the exception of the bright yellow flower. My background papers have been stained with Distress Stain and layered.  I really enjoy working with Distress Stain especially this color because it makes everything look old. And isn’t this little Asian cutie adorable?


Tea Inspiration

Too much tea? I think not! I drink 3 quarts of tea a day and I never tire of it. Hot tea or Kombucha are the only drinks that I consistently consume. I know, I should be drinking water but I it isn’t tasty.

Challenges Entered:

Happy Little Stampers: May Mixed Media-Splats


Mixed Media Monthly: #36 Put a Stamp On It

Art Journal Journey: Elegance and Grunge

Altered Book Lover: “T”

Book Review: Marrakesh By Design


Go Global

Global decor is something that has always fascinated me, when as a little girl my Mom took me to Pier 1 imports for the first time. I remember she bought a beautiful Asian bolero to ‘dress-up’ a dress she already owned. (This was back in the day when Pier 1 sold clothing) Right then and there, after browsing their globally inspired merchandise,  I knew what I wanted my house to look like. I wanted beautifully embroidered linens with sparkly accents, ancient-looking bronze vessels, exotic knick knacks, intricately carved wood furniture and vibrant splashes of color everywhere! I wanted my home to look like a Middle Eastern Souk (without the snake charmers).

Marrakesh My Way

If you have been to my house you know that I am a huge fan of Bohemian and Indian Decor many because they are full of the vibrant color palettes, geometric patterns and various textures that I admire. I have added a lot of these fun features to my living room that you can see in my Living Room Tour.

Throughout the years (and several living spaces later)  it has taken me a while to find those pieces to give my home that ‘global’ look. I love so many elements of the many different decor styles yet I have found it difficult to incorporate them into my space without it looking like a collection of mismatched junk. The art of decorating takes a skillful eye, which seems to have passed me bye.

As most newly weds, we didn’t have a lot of money so we furnished our home with hand me downs and massed produced pieces from the local furniture stores. It was easy to find something that I liked but never anything that I LOVED that would help me achieve the look I was ultimately going towards. After 10 years of marriage we have finally installed internet into our home which in turn has broadened the amount of choices for home decor and furniture. I have found myself spending way too much time looking at decor blogs, ethnic online stores, Pinterest and Face Book decor groups. All of these resources have helped me find my own sense of style. Now that I know what I like I am attempting to find these items at yard sales and bargain stores.

The Book Review: Marrakesh By Design

Marrakesh by Design by Maryam Montaque  was every bit amazing as I imagined it to be from the cover images. The book started out with a overview of Morocco’s architectural history. At first I didn’t think I was going to like this but as I continued to read I found the background very helpful in understanding the origins of the different design features that I find so appealing.


The Colors of Morocco

The book devoted several chapters to key colors found in every Moroccan palette. It then divided up living spaces so one can easily zero in on ideas for particular rooms of choice (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc…). The photography was beautiful and featured many zoomed in, detailed pictures which I found to be very inspiring. My favorite photos were those featuring stacks of colorful rug and linens from the souks of Marrakesh and the stacks of beautifully hand painted tile. The author even includes a brief overview of a few of the local trades in her home town of Marrakesh.


DIY Inspiration

At the end of each chapter a inspiration page gives ideas on how the reader can incorporate the look and what type of items to use. The author includes a little of her story and inspiration for writing this book.

My only disappointment with this book would be the appendix and list of resources. I visited several online resources from the book and found a few to be non-existent and others to be extremely expensive. If you are like me and you love garage-saleing and a bargain, you are not going to find anything affordable using this books appendix.

If you enjoyed this review you may be interested in a similar book I recently reviewed, The New Bohemians by Justina Blakeney.

It’s A Keeper

I loved this book so much that I decided to leave it on my wish list (in anticipation for my up coming birthday).

I have had this book on my Amazon Wish List for over a year, along with a bunch of other interesting looking decor books that I have never read. Recently, I discovered my library can get any book I request so I decided to start borrowing the books on my wish list instead of having them sit there for years and wait for them to never be bought. 😉 If I find any I still want after reading through them, I keep them on the list.

Do you have any ‘must have’ decor books that inspire you? I am always looking for new books to add to my list. I would love to hear of any suggestions you might have.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

Keep Calm and Put the Kettle On: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout


These Days are Worth It…Snot and All

Art journaling can be very fulfilling especially when looking back at completed journals. Flipping through previously made layouts and still finding them enjoyable gives me a sense of accomplishment. I would love to say that everything I have ever put my hand to has turned into a work of art…but as we all know that is far from true. These days I find it difficult to get myself into the right frame of mind to create. With a little person consuming my daylight hours I find myself mentally exhausted by the time I am ‘free to play.’ But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thinking back to the years that I prayed fervently for another baby only to have one taken away is a ever present reminder of my many blessings, particularly the three that call me “Mommy.” So, when I get a little discouraged that the things that I want to accomplish in life are on hold, I think back to the blessings and grief that I have experienced. I try to make the most of my play time, knowing that the day will come when I wish I was back in this moment wiping her runny nose, cuddling her fevered little body and sitting on the hard floor till my butt becomes pins and needles because she wants me to sit RIGHT next to her. These are the days to cherish and remember. In a way, I need to “Keep Calm and Put the Kettle On.”

Mixed Media Art Journal Layout

The background colors in this mixed media journal layout remind me of a globe, mostly because of the blues and greens. These tend to be the colors that I frequently come back too most in my art work. Something about those cool tones draw me in. What are your favorite colors to work with and why?


Tea Inspiration

I am not really sure what beverage the individual in this photograph is holding or if there is even anything in her cup at all but since I am interpreting this photo I think she IS holding a hot cup of her favorite, fragrant tea! Probably the same tea that is in my cup at the moment. I have been drinking this tea for years ever since I found it in my local supermarket. It is amazing in a cup of hot tea or brewed in Kombucha tea.

If you try it, let me know. I would love to hear your opinion.

Challenges Entered:

That’s Crafty: Bright

Craft Stamper: Take It Make It: May

Welove2Create: Challenge 9 Anything Creative/ Mixed Media Goes


The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge: Put a Stamp on It

Crafty Creations: #340 Anything Goes


Afternoon Tea: A Mixed Media Art Journal Layout


Mixed Media Art Journal Layout

More to share from my mixed media ‘Tea’ themed art journal. This background was fun for me to make. The background texture was made using a stencil and Semi -Gloss Gel Medium. I added the gel medium after covering the book pages with a gesso wash. By adding a little silver Distress Stain over top the semi-gloss gel it adds a nice shimmer effect.


Yummy texture, right?


Mason Jar Love

Aren’t these Mason jars adorable? I store loose tea in mason jars so I thought these would be fitting in my ‘Tea’ journal. In fact, I store almost everything in mason jars….homemade kombucha, sauerkraut, pickles, leftover food, you name it. What neat ideas have you come up with or seen for Mason jars?

Challenges Entered:

A Bit More Time To Craft: #43 Anything Goes

A Perfect Time To Craft: #5 Open Challenge

Simon Says: A Hint of Pink

Love2Create: Challenge 9 Anything Creative/Mixed Media Goes

Mixed Media World: #24 Anything Mixed Media Goes With a Twist