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This Site Has Moved!

This will be the last time I post from this site. I have recently moved to a different location: https://kateyetter.com, so I hope you all will continue to follow. If you follow by email you will still receive updates but if you are a WordPress or Bloglovin follower you will need to re-follow.

Thanks for staying with me!


StencilGirl® Columnist

A New Place to Share

I was recently invited to be a columnist for StencilGirl® Products which means I will be sharing on their blog four times a year.  This is a great fit for me as I have limited time to craft with my busy schedule and family life.  I love that this opportunity allows me to play with their detailed stencils while sharing my creations and working with some amazing artists. You can see the talented ladies I get to work with HERE.

My first post is up over on their blog today and you can see the completed cover of my mermaid art journal. If you are interested in seeing the other mermaid themed layouts just click on the links below.

No Tears

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Always Be A Mermaid

I Have Fins,Do You?

Spell Of the Sea

Who Cares About Shrimp

Her Mind Swims at A Depth

Tea Day

I am playing along with the Tea Day Ladies at Elizabeth and Bleubeard’s and sharing my drink related post which always happens to be tea. My oldest gave me these pretty purple pansies in a purple pot for Mother’s Day because he knows how much I love purple.

I am so glad that you stopped by!


Off the Cuff: Mixed Media Jewelry

Off The Cuff

Definition of off-the-cuff : not prepared in advance : spontaneous, informal 

I am anything but spontaneous. I love to plan and organize. And my most favorite thing to do is cross things off my list. Sometimes, I make lists of things that I have already completed just for the sole purpose of checking it off. I am amazed at how much I can get done when I make a list and stick to it. That sense of accomplishment is a very essential part of my day. Even though there are days that I don’t want to do much, I dislike feeling lazy.  Hopefully, this summer while my children are off school we can get into a routine. Not only does it keep them from being bored but it keeps me on track…and less grumpy.

Most of our friends through the years have all been spontaneous by nature. Many times, Hubby and I have pondered how couples with children can live so care-free. But now I can see that there are many upsides to this dynamic. They tend to be adventurous and adapt easily to change. We tend to weight out all the options and in the end choose the least risky (aka boring).

Are you an Off the Cuff individual/couple or do you err on the side of caution?

Making The Mixed Media Cuff


I was very inspired by a tutorial that I recently saw on the StencilGirl® blog by Claudia Neubacher. I loved how she combined fabric, stencils and paint to create wearable art. I love unusual/eclectic jewelry but have never wanted to invest in another hobby. These cuffs are a happy medium. They are worn as an adornment yet they are still a piece of art. How cool is that?

The Process

I used a flour sack towel as my base because I had a scrap leftover from a previous project that I had already colored using PaperArtsy infusions. I laid my Chinese Garden Plum Blossom stencil on top and sprayed Lindy’s to create my outline.

I painted the stenciled image with PaperArtsy Fresco Finish paints and then outlined in a black marker. I did not use fabric safe paint as I am not planning on getting this wet. Plus, this was just an experiment to see how it turned out.

Last, I cut a piece of flannel the same size as my cuff. The original tutorial was a single layer but flower sack towels are very thin so I thought I needed a bit more thickness. I used a zigzag stitch around the edges to keep it from fraying. I did a straight stitch around the edges twice, being careful to not maintain a straight line. I also stitched around the larger flowers and leaves. The button hole was last. I made it a bit too close to the top but it doesn’t really bother me. Overall, I am rather pleased with how it came out.

But, I am thinking about adding some seed beads to the center of the blossoms to dress it up a bit.

I am playing along with Elizabeth and Bleubeard today by sharing a pot of my favorite tea.

That’s all for today. I would love to see links to some of your jewelry projects or wearable art. Inspiration is always in demand in my neck of the woods.

Happy Tea Day,


Elephants In My Garden: Mixed Media Mail Art

Elephants in My Garden

It’s that time of year and I am planning my vegetable and herb garden. Due to all the rain, weeds have taken over and I am wishing I had a gardener to do the weeding for me. Thankfully, I have two little gardeners in training. I have learned to use chores to my advantage and tonight my one little spent the evening cleaning up my front flower beds which were over run with Creeping Charlie.

My boys have expressed an interest in having their own little patch to tend. As most children they think big. Like really big! They imagine stuffing their cheeks full of berries every time they tend their garden. That and they think it will require little to no effort to maintain. I am excited to see how their expectations play out.

I have decided they can start out with a few plants- probably a few strawberry plants and an herb. Strawberries spread easily and are probably the most easy of all the fruits to grow. I am hoping this will be a great lesson in responsibility for them and hopefully set them on the path to having green thumbs.

Did your children ever show interest in gardening? And for you master gardeners, what do you think would be a low maintenance, high-yield plant for children?

Creating the Mail Art

I have had this envelope lying around my table for a while and recently decided to put it to good use. I started out by painting the envelope using Fresco Finish Paints. Next, I stenciled the Elephant March Stencil. The elephant has been painted with Fresco Finish Paints and doodled with a black pen. Lastly, I stenciled and painted the Chinese Garden Plum Blossoms to add some greenery.

Thanks for stopping by,


Challenges Entered:

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Monday Simon Says: Stencil It

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They Call Her Double Trouble: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout


Just look at that face! This little sweetie never ceases to amaze me with her emerging personality. She has taken to scolding her brothers, letting her emotions play across her face and displays such attitude that I have never seen on the likes of a two year old. Just one of the many things I am learning about mothering girls. Next to my two boys, this task looks daunting.

Despite the trouble she causes, she is turning into a sensitive, nurturing, yet sassy little lady. I look forward to a time when my little girl and I can have heart to heart talks over tea and giggle together like girl-friends. In the mean time, I remind myself that trouble comes in all shapes and sizes.

Creating The Layout

I started out by stenciling the background with Gwen LaFleur’s new Art Deco Peacock Feathers and embossing in yellow.  The red paint was cleanup from a paint spill. The other colors are ink sprays. The background stamp is a Arabic script stamp.

To embellish, I used old book paper, thread, fabric scraps, a few paper flowers and my two new hand-carved stamps. The lace is re-purposed and the picture is of my daughter.

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It’s A Foreign Thing

Happy Tea Day to all the ladies playing along with Elizabeth and Bleubeard. I am sharing a glass of my home brewed strawberry kombucha. This is my favorite drink besides a cup of hot tea. I love the carbonation achieved during the second fermentation and it is a excellent and healthy replacement for soda. If you would like to see a tutorial of how I make it you can see it HERE.


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The Artistic Stamper: Backgrounds

Craft Stamper: Anything Goes (May)

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A Inky Mess: Challenge 20

Making An Impression: Stamp Carving 101


I started crafting with stamps almost 8 years ago when I stumbled upon a generous lady in our church who wanted to host a baby shower for me when I was pregnant with our second son. My best friend knew her well and spoke of her often but I had yet to spend a lot of time in her company. That right there should tell you she is special. Not many people are willing to give of themselves to those they do not know. After she threw me a gorgeous baby shower I found that we had so much in common. She was crafty, resourceful and one of the most tender-hearted individuals I have ever met.  She invited me over to stamp Christmas cards that year. I sat at her kitchen table as she brought up tray after tray of brand new wood-mounted stamps. Here to find out, she owned a stamp shop in the previous decade. That day I went home with a bag of stamps. I remember thinking I would never start crafting with stamps because I knew that it would be a collection that would be expensive and addicting. You can see how well that turned out! I am not sure if it was the stamps that drew me in, but I have a feeling it was the tea, fellowship and mutual interest that created my love for stamps. Whenever I think about my sweet friend, I remember the laughs and many happy hours we had together stamping and going to stamp shows.

It saddens my heart that we are in different states. We don’t talk often due to the constant nursing care she provides for her dear friend, but she is never far from my thoughts. She came into my life when I needed her the most. And even though God has seen fit to keep us at a distance for now, I still feel blessed to call her friend.

The Carving


I have wanted to try my hand at carving since I have seen so many beautiful hand-carved stamps online. I am very inspired by block stamps. And my favorite collection of eye candy is by Gwen LaFleur. So, after stalking her photos I decided to quit lurking and give it a try.  I checked this book out of the library, raided my little boys stash of erasers and grabbed my
Speedball Speedy-Carve Rubber Stamp Making Kit . 

I started with a inspiration picture in the back of the book and then sketched it directly onto my eraser back.
I carved around the outside before starting in on the details. I found this to be a lot more difficult then one would think. I also forgot that the image gets flipped when you stamp it. As you can see, my mushroom would have looked better if flipped.

That same night, I tried cutting out a lotus design that I saw on a necklace from Etsy. My lighting was poor and I was tired so I might have cut off some of the lotus leaves. I need a lot more practice, especially before I can tackle a large detailed image. I have certainly grown a appreciation for all those amazing block stamps made in India. The detail is stunning and can you believe those are all done with wood and a chisel. I can see now why they are so expensive.

My sweet hubby gifted me this book and carving block for my birthday. I am so excited to give it another go. You know what they say, Practice Makes Perfect! Hopefully soon I will have some more hand carved stamps to show you.

If you have hand-carved your own stamps and would like to share them, I would love to see them. Please leave a link in the comments.

Happy Weekend,


Her Mind Swims at a Depth: Mixed Media Journal Layout

Mindful Depth

Thinking has always been one of my worse enemies. I tend to dwell on past situations and words, analyzing every aspect until I have convinced myself that something I said or did caused offense. My husband doesn’t quite understand me when I try to explain how my mind works. When I asked him about his, he described it as compartmentalizing. He says that males have their shelves lined with boxes. Only one box can be open at a time and once that box is closed, so are all the after thoughts regarding that subject. No dwelling allowed.

 While my hubby is a great listener and adviser he doesn’t dish out a whole lot of sympathy. I don’t fault him for this, as I know that it is not in his nature. That is why I usually pour out my heart to my few close female friends.

It is not that my thoughts are too complex for hubby to understand, it is just that my emotions are woven throughout and are at the root of each thought. And most men aren’t very good with emotions or deep topics. If I poured out my heart to my husband the way I do to my best friend, I believe that it would leave his carefully organized shelf waterlogged and chaotic.

I love how despite our differences we compliment and complete each other. And when my mind is burdened with all of its many browser tabs, my hubby is there, trying to understand and loving me with a listening ear and ever so practical advise.

I hope you all have that someone in your life that you can be ‘deep’ with.

Creating The Layout

My drawing and painting skills are lacking as it has been years but I decided to try my hand at it again. I found a picture of a mermaid online but I didn’t feel right putting it in my journal as it is copyrighted. So I decided to paint my own version.

I sketched my mermaid and then used Fresco Finish and Lindy’s to paint her.Several of her features are a bit wonky but I guess that is something that I will have to work on with practice.

I combined some stamping to add texture to her tail and the water. And I found the quote online.

Happy Tea Day to all my friends over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard. I am sharing my beautiful new copper tea pot that I received as a gift from my best friend. It was a wonderful birthday surprise. Isn’t it beautiful?


Who Cares About Shrimp? Mixed Media Art Journal Layout


Something that I have always struggled with is caring too much about what other people think. Ever since I was little I stepped on tip-toes around certain people to preserve their opinion of me and not cause ripples. We all have people in our lives that do not want to hear opinions contrary to their own because they always have to be right.

Thankfully, marriage and parenting have pushed me in the right direction. That is not to say that I don’t struggle with this still but I am definitely better at standing up for myself. My husband is one of those people who could care less about other people think and has been very instrumental in helping me overcome my weakness. Also, becoming a mother has played an even bigger role. What mama bear doesn’t stand up for her child? I find myself saying and doing things that I never thought I could do, just because someone has invaded my child’s comfort zone. I hate rocking the boat but lets face it, some people just don’t pick up on hints. I am certainly learning the meaning of Ephesians 4:15a “Speaking the truth in love…”

I have always wondered why older people seem to say what ever comes into their head. It is almost as if a switch turns off when they reach a certain age that says, ” Your Social Etiquette filter has been disabled.” Why do a lot of older people feel the need to make negative comments about everything? I can’t tell you how many insults I have received both in my pregnant-state and non-pregnant state about my size, weight and lack of un-kept mom hair. And not only about appearance, but callous remarks when I have been going through difficult times. I want to scream, “Don’t you remember how it feels?”

When I come across a kind and uplifting individual that is up in years, I cherish their friendship and advise. I love that for all the rude and un-filtered individuals in my life, there are many more that have impacted me in a good way. How thankful I am for those that listen to my opinions and respond with a kind word.

So, don’t be a shrimp. Be a….mermaid?

Creating The Journal Layout

Inspiration…or Lack Thereof

I am still on the mermaid journal but I can feel my inspiration draining. I have a few more layouts to share and then I will be closing this book. I love putting an idea to paper but after a while I need a new topic to pour myself into. Usually I have two journals going at the same time because of this.


My background is a combination of PaperArtsy Infusions, Embossing and stenciling with Gwen’s new Decorative Flower Stamen Medallion. The paper flowers are I Am Roses and the stamped flowers and fish are by PaperArtsy. The checkered background is a Tim Holtz stamp. I used a bit of thread, printed images and a typed quote.

Mermaid Art Journal Layouts:

No Tears

Sea Treasure In Simple Things

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Pollution Makes for Creepy Mermaids

Always Be A Mermaid

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Spell Of the Sea

Thank you for sticking with me through my rant about opinions. 😉


Challenges Entered:

Simon Says Wednesday: Animal Magic




It’s A Foreign Thing: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout


There have been so many times as a parent that I wonder if I am related to my children. Like when one of my children goes a week without changing his underwear and socks or hides almost a hundred empty candy wrappers in his pillow case. I mean, seriously, how can you sleep with all that crinkling every time you move? Or when my daughter gets upset at me and waves her finger in my face and says defiantly “No, Ma’am! You stop that!” It takes all I have not to laugh out loud when she parrots my motherly chastisement back in my face.

Many of my children’s behaviors are foreign to me at this point in life. I never remember struggling with the same things as they do. But of course, I had struggles of my own. Some days, it takes all of my patience to remain in control. I try to remember that I was once a child and thankfully, someone had patience with me. Also, looking back at their baby pictures brings back all those endearing motherly emotions which help to round out my perspective, helping me to see the whole picture.  So, even though there are days that I wonder where they came from or whom they belong to, I am so thankful that they are mine. And that I get to help them through all these changes and stages in life. Because when it comes down to it, nothing lasts forever.

Creating The Journal Page

I started off using my new StencilGirl Chinese Garden Plum Blossoms stencil.

I stenciled with red ink and started painting using some Distress Paint.

More painting.

I finished off by adding some doodles around the flowers.

I stenciled using the Ornamental Floral Screen and used PaperArtsy Infusions.

Other Pages in my daughters journal:

She Is My Blessing Child

A Life Time of Photographic Memories

She Is My Lovely Little Lady

Happy Tea Day to all those playing along with Elizabeth and Bleubeard. I am a bit late today but better late than never. I am sharing my fresh mug of green tea as well as a book that I recently read on carving your own stamps. I will share my stamp carving venture in another post soon.


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Art Journal Journey: Flora and Fauna (Flora)

She Is My Lovely Little Lady: Mixed Media Journal Layout

Little Lady

I don’t know much about little girls, except they like dolls, pretty dresses and have over-exaggerated responses to situations beyond their control. As the mother of two boys, I have found the difference between the sexes astounding. My boys, compared to some, are pretty low key in the energy department and when it comes to things not going their way, they just roll with the punches. I never remember having fights over fashion accessories or how I combed their hair. My little lady on the other hand likes to do it all herself. She is obsessed with shoes, bracelets, baby dolls and combing her hair. She always wants to use my drab and very old hair brush despite having a cute mini mouse brush, that is just her size in hot pink. And many Sundays, I have to throw up my hands in resignation when she chooses shoes that don’t match her outfit or screams like a banshee while I attempt to bring some semblance of order to her wild mane.

Despite it all, I am learning to increase my patience, control my responses and be a bit less rigid in my expectations. Parenting is so different with each child, it is like experiencing it all over again for the first time. And since my baby loves being girly, I am going to love every minute of it, enjoy dressing her up when she lets me and choose my battles wisely.

My little fashionista is wearing her favorite bright red shoes and notice all those bangles on her wrists…I mean toys. Who says you can’t make toys fashionable?

Creating The Journal Layout

I have another layout in my daughter’s art journal. This picture was taken more recently on her second birthday, a few months ago.

You can see the other layouts if you click on the links below:

She Is My Blessing Child

A Life Time of Photographic Memories

The background colors are with PaperArtsy infusions and I embossed with StencilGirl stencils, Art Deco Borders and the Decorative 6-Petal Flower Screen.

A chipboard circle and feathers were painted black, stamped and embossed. Skeleton leaves, thread, and items from my stash were used to embellish. I sprayed, stenciled and embossed a handmade envelope which was used to hold hand-written memories from my daughters birthday party.


Challenges Entered:

That’s Crafty: Going Round In Circles

Simon Says: Anything Goes

Simon Says: Flower Power (Stenciled Flowers)

A Inky Mess:#20 Anything Goes

A Life Time of Photographic Memories: Mixed Media Art Journal

A Life Time

“Anything over 20 is old.” That was my stance on age, until I reached the age of twenty. And then it became 30. Now, as my age creeps ever closer to that big 4-0, I can’t help but feel trapped inside an aging body that won’t stay young like my mind. Every time I talk on the phone to my 94 year old, Florida-residing, Grandmother, she tells me to never get old. She warns me of the constant aches, pains, lack of sleep and the regressing bodily functions, despite her careful maintenance and sharp mind.

As I place myself in her shoes I can see her looking in the mirror, replaying her whirlwind romance during WWII, to her years of mothering 6 babies and then traveling the world with her dashing husband, as her children trickle into adulthood. How is it that 70 some years later she is starring at her wrinkled skin, thinned silvery hair and weakened body, yet her mind never left those years. The still fresh memories make it seem like yesterday.

In a few weeks, I will turn 34 and yet I still remember those crazy high school moments, the heat that swept through me every time my hubby put his arm around me while dating, and the overwhelming satisfaction and contentment as I stared into the faces of my newborn children, as their little fingers wrapped around my adult-sized one. I know I have said it before but how amazing is it that God gave us such photographic memories. How sad it is for those suffering from memory related illnesses. To not remember would take away the essence of who I am. Everything that I have endured or experienced has made me ME and to forget that would make me someone else entirely. Someone empty. So even through our lifetime must eventually come to its conclusion, be thankful that no matter your age you can remember. You can recall those beautiful moments at a thought. And despite where you are in life right now, things can only get better. Just close your eyes and recall.

Creating The Journal Layout

For this background, I used a couple different stencils. I started using a lacy stencil with Distress Paint and a doily stencil with Black Soot Distress Ink. I doodled a little and painted the stenciled images with Distress Paints. I stamped the background using a Christy Tomlinson Unity stamp. Thread, sewing scraps and re-cycled pieces from my stash were used to embellish.

This picture of my children was taken when my daughter was a few months old. I remember this day and it brings back sweet memories.

To see the other layout in my daughter’s art journal click the link below:

She Is My Blessing Child

Happy Tea Day to those playing along with Elizabeth and Bleubeard. As you can see, my mug is in the background hiding behind my succulents but it is full of my favorite green tea.


Products Used:


Challenges Entered:

Creative Artiste: Anything Goes #37

That’s Crafty: Going Round in Circles

Country View Challenge: Pimp It Up (Re-cycled pieces from stash)

She Is My Blessing Child: Mixed Media Art Journal

MY Blessing Child

All children are a blessing, yet so many parents take them for granted or treat them as an inconvenience. I myself have been guilty of this. Never have I treasured my “Mommy Moments” more, than I have since the loss of my third baby. I have found myself losing perspective many times over the past few years but when I think of Faolan, I am reminded that one cannot chose who gets to stay or who gets to leave  this world. Jesus is the giver and taker of life. And even though I don’t understand his thoughts or reasons, I know that he wants what’s best for me. I have seen it over and over again since that day three years ago. Even though he took my baby, he gave me a constant reminder of his blessings. My daughter.

Now, every time she wants to sit on my lap or read a book, I find myself stopping to spend time with her. I  take the time to ‘play’ because I can. Nothing else is more important than investing in the lives of the three little people under my care. I don’t deserve her but I am so thankful that God saw fit to give me a blessing, a rainbow, to remind me of his grace despite my unworthiness.

I have learned to be kinder with my words to those who have suffered loss, infertility or those struggling through a trial. I have learned to re-think the cliche phrases that society throws at us in our time of pain. I have both said them and have been on the receiving end. But most importantly, I have learned to pray for those experiencing these types of pain. Although we can’t take the hurt away in a single phrase, laced with sympathy, I can pour out my heart to the Creator, the only one who understands and can heal the cracked pieces of a Mother’s heart.

So today, Ponder your blessings!

Creating The Layout


I have started a new art journal centered around my daughter. I have not made a single piece of art for her to-date and she just turned two, so I decided it was time. Since I love using photographs in my art journals I thought, “Why not use my daughter?”

The Process

The pages were torn from a journal of handmade paper with flowers pressed into the pages. This paper takes paint beautifully and I am loving how it doesn’t wrinkle or shrink quite as much as papers that I have previously worked with. I am thinking that I will not return the pages to their original binding but will instead think of something else when the time comes. I know, I am procrastinating again.

I used Lindy’s sprays in the background as well as PaperArtsy Infusions. I stenciled the Lacy Lotus Repeat Stencil by StencilGirl and colored it in using Distress Paint. I also stenciled a checkerboard stencil and embossed it. The background has been stamped with a Chevron by Unity Stamps.

The photo is one of the first’s that I have taken of my daughter. I used some fabric scraps, chipboard, thread and stamps to embellish.


Challenges Entered:

Simon Says Wednesday: Sparkle and Shine

More Mixed Media Challenge: Anything Goes (Optional Yellow)

Mixed Media World: Anything Goes (Spring)

(Crows Nest Copper, Wake Me Up Before You Go Gold- Retired)

Spell Of the Sea: Mixed Media Art Journal

The Spell

I can’t say there is much in my life that has cast a spell over me, except for the occupation of motherhood. From the moment I held my firstborn in my arms, I have been completely under my children’s spell. I melt when they cast a smile in my direction or produce a beautiful deep belly laugh. I can’t help but stop and snap mental pictures when spontaneous moments happen between siblings, such as snuggles and kisses. And when they hurt or are in danger, my Mommy mode kicks in and I can’t think straight. My brain screams at me to find a way to make it stop but somehow my rational thought processes are gone. This is usually the time my hubby has to step in and be the voice of reason. Thank goodness one of us can think straight in a crisis situation.

I suppose that is one reason that I never wanted to be a trauma or ER nurse. I spent most of my career time in rehab, which turned out to be low key and rarely required me to make spur-of-the-moment decisions. As life goes on, I realize I am a slow-paced kind of girl. How thankful I am that my routine (and my hubby) allows me to lead a mostly stress-free life, which in turn allows me to spend more time with the little be-witching creatures in my life.

Creating the Journal Page

The background for this layout was created using two different stencils. My favorite is the Art Deco Borders by StencilGirl. Off course I used my PaperArtsy Infusions for color and a Seth Apter stamp by PaperArtsy for texture.

The mermaid image was found on Pinterest. The shells are a mix of Craft Secrets and PaperArtsy stamps. To create the textured sand I used Clear Tar Gel, PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Paint and micro-beads. I mixed it all together and spread it with a palette knife. After it dried I started layering all the stamped images, the mermaid and the circular die cut.

Lastly, I added glitter glue to make the shells and the mermaid tail sparkle and some splatters.

Other Mermaid Art Journal Layouts:

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No Tears

Happy Tea Day to those playing along with Elizabeth and Bleubeard. I am sharing a older picture of my cuppa although not much has changed except for the lack of leaves on the trees. Our grass is getting green and we are still having temps of 80 degrees one day and 30 degrees the next. Crazy weather that keeps us guessing!

And guess what? My oldest sweetie went to the Science and Technology Fair on Saturday and came home with 1st place in his division. He won $300 and this enormous metal. What does a 10 year old do with that much money? He says that he is going to spend $100 on a new wallet and lego set and save the other $200. I am so proud of him, not to mention that we had a great family day.


Challenges Entered:

 Simon Says Wednesday: Add Some Texture

Simon Says Monday: Let’s Doodle


Steampunked Published!

The Spring edition of Art Journaling has Published my Steampunked Art Journal. I wrote a little tutorial on how I made the binding since the feature is all about bound art journals.

We have a busy weekend ahead as my oldest is entering his first science fair. Maybe I will share a few pictures next week. Life just won’t slow down. And I am a little disappointed not to be sleeping in on my Saturday morning but it should be a great family day.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of this magazine you can find it HERE.

Have a crafty and restful weekend!




I Have Fins, Do You?Mixed Media Journal Layout

Pretend Fins

I have always loved swimming, in fact that was one of my favorite activities of summer as a child. When I was in elementary school, my family joined a swim club for the summer. Almost everyday, my Mom would drive my brother and I to the pool for the day. Now that I am a Mommy, I realize just how much time my Mom took out of her weekly schedule so that we could swim and compete.

The one thing I will always hate about the water is the panic that overwhelms one when you run out of air while still underwater. Or when someone thinks it is funny to drown you so they hold you down or sit on top of you. That happened many times growing up. Did I mention I have an older brother?

That summer, along with swimming everyday, I went to swim meets as part of the swim team. I even won a few ribbons. As I look back, I remember the water and how magical it can be, whether in a small swimming pool or in the vast ocean. It is so peaceful underneath, with all the noise drowned out and the sparkles and ripples left behind by the suns rays. Who wouldn’t want fins?

Creating The Layout

I hope you are not tired of mermaids yet, as I have a few more layouts to share in my Mermaid Art Journal.

For this layout, I sprayed the background with Lindy’s Stamp Gang. I used Lindy’s for the background as well as for painting the shells. The colors used were Wake Me Up Before You Go Gold, Red Hot Poker Orange, Crow’s Nest Copper. After spraying, I stenciled the Art Deco Flower Medallion stencil by StencilGirl with gesso and added a bit of doodling to highlight the image. The fish and a few shells are PaperArsy stamps and some of the shells are by Mary Engelbriet. I stamped the background with a grunge stamp.


Happy Tea day to all you ladies over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard. I am sharing a pot of my favorite tea that I make up every morning.


Challenges Entered:

Monday Simon Says: Inspired by a Story (The Little Mermaid-Hand Christian Anderson)

That’s Crafty!: Going Round In Circles

Craft Stamper: April Take It, Make It