Swimming Through Tears

As of late, I feel as though the theme of my posts have been a bit melancholy. So today I am keeping with it.

Life is good, but busy. I have an article coming due here very soon and I took several hours today to sit and write. As I was writing, the direction of my article took a very different turn than originally planned. You know- when you’r in the moment and the words just flow regardless of whether or not they all make sense. As I was writing, my thoughts somehow focused on my grandparents and the very specific ways that they influenced me.

My Grandfather was the one that taught me to paint. Taught me to go out of my comfort zone when it came to darks and lights. He used to say that it is better to over work it then under work it when it came to shadows. I always struggled with that aspect of drawing and painting. As I sat there writing and re-reading it aloud to myself, I started crying. It has been a little over 11 years since my Grandfather passed. I was crying over the memories that I had forgotten. The memories that I didn’t even know were memories. Sadness overwhelming me because I realize how short a lifetime really is. How sad is it that our lives can be forgotten so quickly and even by those that were a integral part of it.

While, I may have been more emotional than usual today, I realize here and now that all the ‘busyness’ that I get caught up in and the crafty ideas that I allow to consume me, none of these things will count when I am dead. No one will care that I had a blog, or that my journals were published, that my head was full of amazing ideas that never made it to paper, or that I worked extra hard to clean my house before people came to visit. In the end, all that we remember are the times that others invested into our lives and the memories that we made just being together.

So, my word of advise for today is to spend some time making memories and creating influential encounters so that when you pass on, people not only have nice words to say about you or your accomplishments but they have a emotional connection, a memory that they want to hold onto. And making them shed some tears would be great too. Because, lets face it, we all want someone to feel miserable over us when we die. 😉 I certainly do.

Creating the Card

Last week I put together this background and was none too pleased with the outcome. The other day I sat down and felt inspired. I had all these lovely stamped images (PaperArtsy) sitting around me so I cut them out and glued them on. And Wa-la! A finished card using table scraps.

It’s Tea Day

Thank you for reading my long and very drawn-out thoughts today. Hope you had a cup of something yummy to drink as you read my post, especially if you are playing along with Elizabeth. This was my AMAZING Goodwill find last week.  $158 worth of Teavana loose tea, tea tins and rock sugar all for… $2.97. Brand new, of course. I haven’t tried any of them yet because… “Hi, my name is Kate and I am a Tea hoarder.”

Happy Tea Day,


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