Always Be A Mermaid: Mixed Media Art Journal

Always Be Yourself Unless You Can Be a Mermaid, Than always Be a Mermaid…

There is something alluring about shimmering iridescent scales and underwater palaces that draw me to the sea, specifically mermaids. I have always loved creatures of the fantasy world. I cannot pinpoint why but perhaps it is because they are what we humans dream about. Made up scenarios are always more appealing than real life, at least in my experience. Imagination is an amazing gift that we have been given. And most of us, if not all, have used it to escape the real world. Escaping from everyday life, surrounded by an ocean that shimmers like diamonds, sounds like the ultimate vacation or fantasy-land. And the tail wouldn’t be so bad as long as my legs came back on dry land, mainly because I don’t think the hubby would be a fan of a permanent fish tail. 😉

Hubby and I are not really beach people because we leave ‘vacation’ baked and chafed. It never fails. We spend several hours for one day in the sun and we leave looking like lobsters with badly applied sunscreen and rashes from the sand in our swimwear. The idea of sun and surf sounds good but I much prefer my air-conditioned home to the oppressive heat of the beach. With this being said, I can’t say that I would make a good mermaid except for the swimming part and of course the sparkling scales.

Creating The Journal Layout

On to the next layout in the Mermaid journal. The background was stenciled in Grunge Paste using the Decorative 6-Petal flower Screen by StencilGirl. I used PaperArtsy infusions in the background and then rubbed white embossing powder over top of the texture. I used a Arabic script stamp in the background. Most of the stamps are PaperArtsy with the exception of a few.

The rest are items from my stash. I found the quote off of Pinterest.

If you want to see the rest of the layouts in my Mermaid journal, click the links below:

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Swimming Through Tears

No Tears

Have a Great Weekend!


Challenges Entered:

Creative Artiste #37: Anything Goes

A Inky Mess: Challenge #19

We Love 2 Create: Challenge # 7

Pollution Makes For Creepy Mermaids: Mixed Media Art Journal

I am the Creepy Mermaid…

We have had many ‘bad hair days’ as we continue on our journey through potty training. Some days I swear my family looks at me as though I look like this mermaid- sharp teeth, bad hair, horns and all. It has been an experience, learning to control my frustration and impatience. Especially when I ask my daughter if she has to pee, followed by an angry”NO,” as she squats in place, making a fresh puddle on the floor.

Yup! I am THAT mermaid! Who wouldn’t be when they have spent 3 weeks of their life scrubbing up pee, laundering the same 3 pairs of panties (even though you own 8 because she refuses to wear anything but the Minnie Mouse ones), making potty trips every 20 minutes ALL day,and living in a less than clean house because all your energy is spent elsewhere.

Speaking of the little cutie, here she is in her Easter Dress. If you are a Tim Holtz fan you will love this Tim Holtz Electric Elements Wall Flower Rose Parcel fabric I used.

Creating the Journal Layout

I used a punchinella stencil with grunge paste in the background. I sprinkled PaperArtsy infusions in the background before adding some silver embossing over top the textured areas. The background was stamped with a Unity script stencil and a circular stamp.

A old tag, paper flowers, thread, and some sewing scraps were layered around the focal image.

The focal image is a Asian mermaid, that looks a tad scary. I loved this quote and was very excited when I found it because let’s face it, we all look scary when we have a bad hair day. And, it might be the only quote I could find to make this creepy mermaid a bit less creepy (if that makes sense).

Mermaid Journal Layouts:

No Tears

Swimming Through Tears

Sea Treasure In Simple Things

A Beautiful Story

Happy Tea Day to those playing along with Elizabeth and Bleubeard. We had 3 inches of snow last night. Ugh! I am hopeful that this will be the last snow before spring.


Challenges Entered:

(Inspiration: Bad Hair Days, whether created by pollution or not are in our NATURE. And mermaids are part human and part ANIMAL)


A Beautiful Story: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout

A Beautiful Story…

Today is Good Friday, the day that we celebrate Christ’s death on the cross.

The beautiful part of the story is that He didn’t stay dead. He rose again and lives in heaven. He is there, waiting for us to accept His gift of eternal life. And it is available to ALL, we just have to accept it. Have you?

Creating The Journal Layout

This was another one of those layouts that started off as a background that I didn’t particularly like. I tried everything and it still wasn’t coming together. After putting it aside and making a few other  pages I came back to this. I added a bit more color in the background and somehow that pulled it together for me. The stamps are PaperArtsy and the saying is something I found on Pinterest. The flower and die cut were in my stash.

Just another layout in my mermaid journal. I like this image as the mermaid is sitting on a rock looking at a ship in the distance.

Other layouts in my Mermaid journal:

No Tears

Swimming Through Tears

Sea Treasure In Simple Things

Have a Glorious Weekend,


Challenges Entered:

Wednesday Simon Says Stamp: Anything Goes

Sea Treasure In Simple Things: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout

Sea Treasure

When I read this quote, my thoughts automatically drifted to the treasure in my life. Have you ever seen the movie Leap Year? It is a favorite of mine! In the movie,  Declan asks Anna,” “If your house was on fire and you only had 60 seconds, what would you grab?” Later on in the movie, Anna pulls the fire alarm at her Engagement party to find out what her fiance treasures most. It turns out the most important thing to him were his electronics possessions.

When it comes down to it, 60 seconds isn’t a whole lot of time to gather up a life time of memories.  I can only think of a few things that I would risk my life for. All of my possessions are replaceable with the exception of my wedding photos, wedding rings and mini albums I made for my boys when they were little. So, I guess I would grab our hard drive where all my family photos and wedding pictures are stored and the box of mini albums. I really like my teapots and my tins of loose tea but I can buy tea online and I usually just look at my teapots. I would also hate to lose my houseplants but I can replace them as well.

Despite enjoying all my possessions and having a few that I would prefer to not have to live without, nothing material in my life is irreplaceable. That leaves my hubby and my babies as the most important thing/people in my life.  I would grab them first and of course save arm room for their special stuffed animals. My little’s would be devastated if we left Doggie (the dog), Henley (the bunny) and Cat (the cat) behind.

I don’t know if you have ever read these verses in the Bible but they are perfect for explaining why earthly treasures are temporary and not worth all our time and devotion.

Matthew 6:19-21 (KJV)

19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:

20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:

21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

Creating The Journal Layout

Aren’t mermaids so fun? I am loving this journal and wishing I had the time to work more frequently in it.

To start off, I used Grunge Paste and the StencilGirl Eye Lattice Stencil in the background. Using Fresco Finish Orchid paint, Lindy’s Wisteria Purple Blue and Tibetan Poppy Teal, I colored my background before stamping. The mermaid image was found on Pinterest but in a unclothed state, so of course I gave her a shirt. The vintage Ocean Pearl button card is from my stash along with the various re-purposed die cuts. The shell stamps are by PaperArtsy and the chipboard pieces by K & Co. I found the quote on Pinterest and typed it out on my computer. The quote has been sprayed with Lindy’s Tibetan Poppy Teal and Wake Me Up Before We Go Gold.

To see my other Mermaid layouts in this journal click on the links.

Swimming Through Tears

Underwater Sparkle

And to all my Tea Friends over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard’s, Happy Tea Day! Since it’s Tea Day, if you are interested you can see my Tea Pot collection HERE.

Today I am sharing my mug of tea next to a 1000 piece puzzle that hubby and I are currently working on. To be fair, he has completed most of it. The pieces are so small I was getting a head ache from concentrating so hard. And if you noticed all the pieces in rows, that’s my hubby’s engineer mind at its best. He has his own filing system when it comes to puzzle pieces. I have had to step back a little even though he wants my help. If I put a piece in the wrong row I get a talking too and that is a little too much pressure for a puzzle if you ask me, so I am pretty much sitting this one out.


Challenges Entered:

Wednesday Simon Says: Floral Frenzy (green crochet flower)

The Artistic Stamper: March Stencils & Masks

More Mixed Media: Anything Goes/Optional Green

Lindy’s Gang (Tibetan Poppy Teal, Wisteria Purple Blue, Wake Me Up Before You Go Gold)


Spring Snowmen and a Guest Post

Guest Posting

Today I am over at the PaperArtsy blog sharing a journal page. It’s another fun layout in my mermaid journal so go have a look. You can see it HERE.

We just got 10 inches of snow today. Yesterday we went to Dairy Queen to get free ice cream cones for the first day of spring and today we are building snowmen. Mmmmm? Something doesn’t seem quite right with that picture. If you want thoughts of warmer weather, check out my journal page over at PaperArsty.

Happy Spring!


Swimming Through Tears: Mixed Media Card

Swimming Through Tears

As of late, I feel as though the theme of my posts have been a bit melancholy. So today I am keeping with it.

Life is good, but busy. I have an article coming due here very soon and I took several hours today to sit and write. As I was writing, the direction of my article took a very different turn than originally planned. You know- when you’r in the moment and the words just flow regardless of whether or not they all make sense. As I was writing, my thoughts somehow focused on my grandparents and the very specific ways that they influenced me.

My Grandfather was the one that taught me to paint. Taught me to go out of my comfort zone when it came to darks and lights. He used to say that it is better to over work it then under work it when it came to shadows. I always struggled with that aspect of drawing and painting. As I sat there writing and re-reading it aloud to myself, I started crying. It has been a little over 11 years since my Grandfather passed. I was crying over the memories that I had forgotten. The memories that I didn’t even know were memories. Sadness overwhelming me because I realize how short a lifetime really is. How sad is it that our lives can be forgotten so quickly and even by those that were a integral part of it.

While, I may have been more emotional than usual today, I realize here and now that all the ‘busyness’ that I get caught up in and the crafty ideas that I allow to consume me, none of these things will count when I am dead. No one will care that I had a blog, or that my journals were published, that my head was full of amazing ideas that never made it to paper, or that I worked extra hard to clean my house before people came to visit. In the end, all that we remember are the times that others invested into our lives and the memories that we made just being together.

So, my word of advise for today is to spend some time making memories and creating influential encounters so that when you pass on, people not only have nice words to say about you or your accomplishments but they have a emotional connection, a memory that they want to hold onto. And making them shed some tears would be great too. Because, lets face it, we all want someone to feel miserable over us when we die. 😉 I certainly do.

Creating the Card

Last week I put together this background and was none too pleased with the outcome. The other day I sat down and felt inspired. I had all these lovely stamped images (PaperArtsy) sitting around me so I cut them out and glued them on. And Wa-la! A finished card using table scraps.

It’s Tea Day

Thank you for reading my long and very drawn-out thoughts today. Hope you had a cup of something yummy to drink as you read my post, especially if you are playing along with Elizabeth. This was my AMAZING Goodwill find last week.  $158 worth of Teavana loose tea, tea tins and rock sugar all for… $2.97. Brand new, of course. I haven’t tried any of them yet because… “Hi, my name is Kate and I am a Tea hoarder.”

Happy Tea Day,


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A Inky Mess:Challenge 18 Anything Goes

 That’s Crafty: Spring Into Action

Crafty Creations: Anything Goes

It’s Good To Be Me: Mixed Media Journal Cover

It’s Good…

I received so many encouraging words from everyone about my daughter’s potty training. A few days has made a HUGE difference and she is now taking herself to the potty without much prompting. Who would have thought that a 2 year old needed to retain the control. Once I stopped forcing her to sit on the potty she decided to comply. As a result, I am less stressed. She still likes me to accompany her to the bathroom which takes a large chunk out of my day but who am I to complain, she is taking herself!!

I am sure you are tired of my potty talk so I thank you for understanding. As you can guess, it is a big part of my life at the moment. Or rather it it is my life. I know this season will not last forever. No matter how sad I get at the thought that my last baby is almost a big girl, leaving diapers behind is not one of those “baby stages” that I will morn.

Creating The Journal


I have had difficulty for some time staying on my plan. I started Trim Healthy Mama 4 years ago when I was struggling to lose weight. I was working out for 1 hour a day 4 days a week and I was still gaining weight. I realized something was wrong even though my thyroid levels were ‘normal.’ I was diagnosed at this time with Hashimoto’s, a autoimmune thyroid disease. I changed my diet and within a few months my thyroid antibodies had come down considerably.  Although, they are still far from normal I try to implement healthy choices into my daily eating.

Back to the present, I haven’t consistently stayed on my eating plan since I got pregnant with my daughter. The lure of sugar and gluten has won and I am stil struggling with my weight. In order to keep myself accountable, I decided to start a food journal to write down everything I put in my mouth. What better way to be inspired to lose weight and be healthy then to have a pretty journal to write in.

The Cover

I have several journals sitting around so I decided to pull out this fabric journal and make it pretty. I coated the cover in gesso before applying my Lindy’s Sprays: Tibetan Poppy Teal, Wisteria Purple Blue and Wake Me Up Before You Go Gold. Next, I added some stamping and my embellishments. I finally broke down and used my ‘treasured’ Tim Holtz paper dolls that I got for Christmas. They are just as beautiful as I thought they would be. And this bright yellow flower has been sitting on my table for ages and in my stash for years. So glad that I finally put it to good use.

Here is a picture of the sprays that I used.

So, that is about it for me today. Thank you for stopping by. Have a great weekend.


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Stamplorations: March Mixed Media (Spring)

A Vintage Journey: Treasure (TH Paper Dolls)

More Mixed Media Challenge: Anything Goes Optional Green

No Tears: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout

No Tears?

Week two of potty training is just starting and it is off to a bad start. I suppose it was destined to be bad seeing as it is the the Monday after daylight savings. The time change messed with nap time making it non-existent. My daughter and I sat in the bathroom today, her on the little potty and me on the lid of the big potty and we both cried. Tears of frustration. I know it will get better it just seems as though the end is never in site.

And then tonight after dinner my oldest son, who just turned 10, said that he was glad that we made the decision to have him as our child. I gave him a hug and told him that having children was one of the best decisions we ever made. Even on days like today, when I am exhausted, my hair looks like crap and my house looks like a little monster tore it apart, I am thankful that I have a house full of little people to make my seemingly meaningless tasks meaningful.

Creating The Journal Page


This is the first page in my mermaid journal. I have always loved the idea of mythical creatures so I decided to make this the theme for my next art journal. I looked on Pinterest for mermaid themed clip art and printed out a bunch to get the inspiration flowing. I am going to try to use more quotes in this journal as well.

I will say, it was difficult to find pictures of mermaids that weren’t topless. I have a rule in my house that we don’t keep any images with scantly-clad people so I am having to modify a lot of the pictures that I found.  I have painted this mermaid a pretty blue gown.

Making The Layout

I started by applying gesso to the background. PaperArtsy infusions and stamping were added next. I kept this layout pretty simple by just using die cuts, thread and stamps to embellish. Lastly, I splattered black paint.

And a happy tea day to all you playing along with Elizabeth. I am showing off my new rosemary plant with a backdrop of our freshly falling snow. My last two rosemary plants died so wish me luck with this one!

Challenges Entered:

Thank you for stopping.



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Potty Talk and a Guest Post

Can You Say Potty?

This week I have started potty training my daughter and let me just say it is just as awful as I remembered. I was traumatized when I tried potty training my first son. I learned my lesson not to push until they are ready. Three tries later and lots of M & M’s, he was trained in a day.

So, back to my daughter, we just finished day 3 of training. Between breakfast and lunch I counted 21 times to the potty one day. As you can imagine, I got a lot done with my day;) The time between getting my boys off the bus and getting dinner on the table is the hardest. Listening to my boys do homework while trying to keep an eye on my toddler with a naked lower half AND keeping my food from burning is all a little over whelming for me. So today I took the easy way out and put a diaper on her for the evening. This week I have been praying for patience and results. My poor hubby has come home to chaos all week but thankfully he goes with the flow.

So don’t expect a lot of crafty things out of me over the next few weeks. 😉

Sneak Peek

I am over at PaperArtsy today sharing a stamped purse using some new whimsy themed stamps. I have combined fabric and stamping so go have a look HERE.

I would love to hear what you think.



A Tree In the Midst: Mixed Media Art Journal

In The Midst

Despite how busy life has been as of late I continuously find joy in the midst of these busy times through God’s many blessings. I am reminded of how healthy our family is when I see so many friends around us fighting for their lives as they battle cancer. My sweet babies are growing like crazy which is both bittersweet and a blessing. My hubby has been in his new job for a few months and spends more time in travel and comes home later, frequently missing family dinner. But how thankful we are that he has a job. We have had our fair share of trials over the past few years but despite it all, God has been good to us. And in the midst of it all, he never left us alone to fend for ourselves.

So, when I see the tree in the middle of the circle, I am reminded that there is still life somewhere in the midst of chaos. Life that brings joy.

Creating The Journal Cover

The Process

The base of this journal was a comic book. I covered it with a brown paper grocery bag. I started to use a medallion stencil on the cover but last minute decided to scrape off the texture paste leaving only the outline of the medallion. I used two colors of Infusions on the background and stamped a Unity stamp that has been embossed in gold. The tree is a die-cut that has been painted.

I am so glad that my Colors of India journal is finally complete! Bellow are links to the inside  pages.

The Inside Pages:

Fresh Eyes are Needed

The Hand

Green and Yellow Paisley

I Am Unique

The Pensive Sarod Player

Thank you for stopping by,


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Monday Simon Says: In My Garden

The Artistic Stamper: Stencils & Masks

Mixed Media World: March Mixed Media Anything Goes

Mini Album Makers Challenge: March



Cake and Succulents


Who wants a piece of cake? I made this vanilla layer cake this weekend for my daughters birthday party. I intended to make a Naked Cake but after adding all the layers I decided to just leave it. You can imagine I was afraid it might topple over if moved it too much. It turned out a lot taller than I expected but I guess that it what happens when you stack 8 layers with frosting and strawberries. For the top, I decorated with a banner and chocolate decorations that I made from melted chocolate coating.

And here is my sweetie in her birthday dress. She woke up from her nap after everyone had arrived and was a little overwhelmed. My hubby was trying to coax her out of the bedroom so he could take her picture.

Old And Exhausted

I enjoy parties but I always forget how much work they are when I decide to throw one. I made food over the course of 3 days for about 20 people. Lets just say I am getting old because I am still exhausted and it is 2 days later. My son’s birthday is in two weeks and I told him we are not having a party as I need a few months to recover. 😉

New Plants

Since I am not sharing a craft related project today I thought I would share some of my plants. I love that the green brings a bit of spring to my house year round. I bought this bar cart recently from Goodwill (brand new from Target).  I visit Goodwill every week to check out what is new and I spotted this cart one week when I was low on cash. I kept thinking about it and told myself if it was there the next week I would buy it. That thought process went on for a few weeks and surprisingly 4 weeks later the cart was still there. So I broke down and bought it for a whopping $15.

Some of the plants I revived from Walmart and some I bought last summer at our local greenhouse.

As you can see I have my mug of tea hiding in the background so I can participate with Elizabeth for Tea Day.

Happy Tea Day,


Junk Journal No 1: Mixed Media Art Journal Cover

Junk Collector

I never thought of myself as a hoarder but since our family room remodel I think my hubby would call me one. I can’t believe the amount of crafting items or potential craft items that I have saved. Everything from old cereal boxes, Valentine’s candy boxes to empty oatmeal containers. I had so many ideas of projects to make with these items but no time to do it or space to store them until I use them.

Thankfully, this remodel has forced me to purge anything that it not priority since storage is limited.I just went out this morning and bought some new storage containers. I will try to get some pictures up soon. I am getting excited that the room is coming together! Almost there.

Are you a junk collector when it comes to crafting or a organized crafter?

Creating The Journal Cover

Most times when creating a journal I do the cover last. Usually, that is because I procrastinate when it comes to the binding. For this journal, I used a magazine as the base but instead of using the magazine cover as intended, I used a brown paper bag as it was more sturdy.

I covered the paper bag with paint and added a border stenciled with texture paste. The border was embossed with yellow. A checkerboard stamp was used in the background and then I splattered various colors of paint after adding my embellishments.

It’s A Completed Journal

And here you can see the spine with all the completed pages. Click the links to see the rest of the pages:

A Love Like Ours Is Eternal

Will Winter Never End

Isn’t She Beautiful

The Ornamental Swan

You Are Special

Stars In My Eye

Through The Yellow Spectacles

And that’s it for me today. My baby girl is turning 2 today and I am busy making lots of party food and putting the finishing touches on her birthday outfit for tomorrow. Maybe I’ll have some pictures to share next week.

Have a great weekend,


Challenges Entered:

Mini Album Makers Challenge: February

Wednesday Simon Says: Make Your Own Background

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 13arts: Inspired by Mood board

Craft Stamper: February Take-It Make-It

Fresh Eyes Are Needed: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout

Fresh Eyes

When I was younger I had glasses but I never wanted to wear them. Eye wear wasn’t very fashionable when I was in high school. Large frames and metal rims just weren’t on the covers of fashion magazines…not that I read those. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am all about comfort over trends. So, last year I started wearing glasses all the time and I was amazed at all the little details that I could finally see. But since I like comfort, I decided I wanted contacts. My hubby has been wearing contacts for 15 years or so and makes it look so easy to get them in and out. A few months ago, I made the switch.

So, this morning I bolted awake in bed at 6:15 and realized that I had forgotten to take out my contacts last evening. I slept all night with them in! I frantically raced to the bathroom and prayed that I would be able to safely remove them. In college I had a friend that lost part of her cornea due to sleeping with contacts in. The contact fused to her cornea and tore off a piece of her eye when she removed the contact. She had to have surgery and will never be able to wear contacts again.

Thankfully, my contacts came right out without removing pieces of my eye ball. But needless to say, it scared me, so today I am taking a break from contacts.

Creating the Layout

Here is the last layout in my Colors of India Art Journal. My background has been stenciled with StencilGirl, painted with Infusions and embossed. The flower stamp is by PaperArtsy and the Japanese Wave Stamp by Deep Red Stamps.

Other Colors of India Art Journal Layouts:

Can You Imagine Making Adventures

Green And Yellow Paisley

I Am Unique

The Pensive Sarod Player

The Hand

And my favorite beverage is Tea as I play along with Elizabeth for Tea Tuesday!

Thanks for Joining me,


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Craft Stamper: Anything Goes February Make It Challenge

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Guest Posting with A Art Journal Layout


Guest Posting

I am going to make it short today since I have a guest post. I made another page for my India themed Art Journal that I am sharing over at Stamps & Stencils. As the winner of last month’s challenge I won a spot as guest designer. The theme is Collage so I decided to use stencils to collage the background. You can find the step by step for my journal page HERE.

A Love Like Ours is Eternal: Mixed Media Junk Journal Layout


Eternal Love

The hubby and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day as we believe we should show love all year round. Not that I don’t like flowers and candy, but I really don’t want to support the industry that commercializes every holiday.So, I thought I would share the story of how the hubby and I met. My freshman year in college I had twin friends that lived on my floor that were also in the nursing program with me. They had a friend that was in the same group as my hubby. This mutual friend knew that he needed a date for Artist Series so they asked me if I would be open to going on a blind date. Artist Series was a series of concerts throughout our semester in college where performing artist would come and put on a show. Every one would have to dress in formal wear to attend.

My future hubby wanted to meet before the actual date so we went to dinner with the group four days before before the concert. The next day I started to develop cellulitis in one of my eyelids. I went to dinner with the group again that night but tried to hide my eye behind my hair. The next evening we were to attend dinner and a soccer game but my eye was so huge it was swollen shut. Thankfully I was able to get a powerful antibiotic that day which gave me a full 24 hours before Artist Series to heal.

By the time Artist Series rolled around, my eye was mostly better. And that was the beginning of our beautiful friendship, swollen eyelid and all. He continued to ask me to dinner and games. Four months later he officially ‘asked me out.’ We dated for four years before we got married and had a long distance relationship for one of those years while I completed my last year of Nursing school.

This year we will be celebrating 12 year of marriage. Not every moment has been full of love and passion but I am learning to be a better wife and I have seen my Hubby become a better man. I certainly was blessed to go to college and come away with not only a degree but an amazing man.

So, here’s to Eternal Love and Friendship.

Creating the Layout

Well, here is the very last layout in my junk art journal. I am relieved to finally have this completed.

For this layout, I covered the pages with gesso, layered paper scraps, dripped paint, stamped and layered my table scraps.

Other Junk Journal Layouts:

Will Winter Never End

Isn’t She Beautiful

The Ornamental Swan

You Are Special

Stars in My Eye

Through The Yellow Spectacles

Also, a happy tea day to all my friends playing along with Elizabeth.


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