Green and Yellow Paisley: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout

Chit Chat

l haven’t been crafting a whole lot this week as I have been sewing for my little. I have a birthday and a Easter dresses to finish before the end March so I have to sew, sew sew!

So, I will just show you some pictures and call it a day.

Creating the Journal Page

Here is the next page in my India themed art journal. The other two are The Pensive Sarod Player and I Am Unique.  

In this journal, I have been challenging myself to get more creative with my backgrounds. On this page I used the StencilGirl Pilgrimage to India with Grunge paste. Fresco Finish Paints and Infusions were layered in the background. I detailed the stencil with embossing powder by rubbing embossing ink over the stencil. I Love this bright color yellow. The frame around the photo is from the StencilGirl Art Deco Borders, embossed in gold and red. The stamping in the background is by Pink Paislee.

I made my own embellishment using some twine, chipboard, canvas key and beads.

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The Ornamental Swan: Mixed Media Junk Journal


Lately, I have been thinking a lot about minimalism and maximal-ism when is comes to ornamental pieces for my home. Within the last month I have cleaned out several rooms and taken out more than a couple large bags of trash. I makes me realize how materialistic I am. I have so many things sitting in the closet that I never use but I hold onto them because…I don’t know why. I seem to have an attachment despite the fact that some items have never been on display in my house. I tend to think that each piece has a dollar sign attached and I can’t give it up because I feel as though I am flushing money down the drain if I part with it.

So, I have many thoughts leaning towards minimalism as I lug a heavy bag of trash to the garage. Until I hop on my FaceBook BoHome decor group and see all the pretty rooms. It makes me want to hop in the car and drive 30 minutes to the nearest Home Goods Store. To be honest, the only thing keeping me from doing that at the moment is my lack of funds and my Hubby’s and my mutual goal to become debt-free by paying off our house. When it comes down to it, I am a maximal-ist. I love a cluster of knick knacks and a couch cluttered with pillows.

One day I will be able to shop at Home Goods to my hearts content. Until then, I will dream and drool over other peoples beautiful house. And practice minimal-spending to the best of my ability.

Are you a minimalist or a maximal-ist?

Creating The Journal Layout

My layout started out as a red background but I really disliked it so I painted over with Green Patina and left a tad of the red peeking through. The StencilGirl Border Stencil has been embossed with red and a 7 Gypsies stamp has been embossed in white. Aside from the Fresco Paints, I used The Green Man Infusion the background. The center medallion is by StencilGirl.

Craft Room Update

As you can see, I still have a lot of organizing and not enough storage. I am looking at some bookcases in the future. This one off of Amazon has caught my eye.

In the other part of our family room is this little retro kitchen we bought for my daughter this Christmas. We got it for a great price off of Amazon. I love how one day it can be $150 dollars and the next day $75. Such a great deal!

On one of the walls is two pieces of furniture missing drawers. I painted those draws gray and they are holding various trims and ink pads. When my hubby gets a chance, those two pieces of furniture will be firewood. And then we will be able to see more of the room. 🙂  And eventually I will decorate.

I am a little behind but here is my cup of tea for Tea Tuesday over at Elizabeth’s. We had this beautiful view a few days ago and I couldn’t resist sharing.


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Asiatic Dynasty: Mixed Media Fabric Journal


The remodel of our family room/craft area is finally complete! My hubby has worked so hard and it has paid off. All I have left to do is organize and get more storage. I will share pictures in my next post. Hopefully by then my wall storage will be up and I will have less boxes on the floor.

I have been living and breathing the remodel since after Christmas, so it was so fun to be able to clear off my craft table and create this week. Not just once but three times! It felt so wonderful to unleash some of the ideas swirling around in my brain. I will be sharing some of those journals soon. But for now, I am sharing an oldie.

Creating the Fabric Journal

I have already shared all the pages in my Asiatic Dynasty Fabric Art Journal with the exception of the cover and this layout.

This was my first and only fabric journal to date and I am excited about making more.

All of my images are Lynne Perrella by PaperArtsy and the paints are Fresco Finish chalk paints. But my favorite part is the decorative stitching around the edges. And now you have seen the whole journal!

You can view the rest of the layouts by clicking on the links:

It’s All In the Hair

Swimming through Algae

Up In A Purple Haze

I Dream of Ice Cream

A Country Escape

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Tea In The Garden: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout

Tea In The Garden

The garden…exactly where I want to be right now as I look outside my window and see snow.  I would  love to have a pretty spot to sit in my garden. It is on the smaller side right now but we have future plans to expand. And then I would love a bench next to a waterfall under a trellis of wisteria. Or a glass greenhouse doubling as a she-shed. A girl can dream, right?

I have been thinking about what I am going to plant this spring and hoping that I can find a way to get better yield. I had my soil tested but the results came back fairly good. Not sure what I need but I know that it could be better. One strawberry a day won’t make a pie.

Do you have any suggestions of natural things to help fertilize my soil? I was thinking of getting some manure this year. I have also heard that chicken feces helps but we won’t be getting chickens for a year or so I need some ideas until then. I would love to hear what works for you.

Creating the Journal Page

This layout is part of my Splashes of Tea Art Journal which happens to be one of my favorite art journals. Because I am obsessed with tea!


Since today is Tea day I am playing along with Elizabeth and I am sharing a picture of my new favorite brew. I received this tea as a Christmas present. If you want something yummy to try you can click on the picture to see it on Amazon. Seriously, it is SO GOOD!!

Happy Tea Day,


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You Are Special: Mixed Media Junk Journal


I thought I would share some of the things that are special to me since the title of this post is about special things.

  • The memories of my children’s birth
  • Mini albums of my children
  • Faolan’s Art Journal
  • Family Pictures
  • My engagement ring (because my hubby gave it to me)
  • Teapot Collection
  • Apple Picking in Autumn with my family
  • Family meal time
  • Holidays with Family
  • Movie time every evening with my husband
  • Friends

After looking at my list, I guess you could say the most special thing in my life is my family. I am truly blessed.

Creating The Journal Layout

I have created another layout in my Junk journal. You can see my previous pages: Through The Yellow Spectacles and Stars in My Eye.

So, I started with a base layer of paint over patterned paper. Using stencils, I embossed with white and green powder. I stamped and and started layering items from my stash.

The Craft Room Remodel: Progressing

And since you asked for updated pics of my craft room/family room, here a few. We are doing the gray/cream theme throughout our house so we decided to continue it in our family room. Very messy at the moment as I work on organization but that will come in time.

In the first picture, you can see that I filled my top bookcase with all my fabric and some yarn. The far Wall with nothing on it will eventually have base cabinets and a counter top. Maybe by the end of the year? Every piece of furniture that is gray I painted this week. Needless to say, I am painted out

And this is the other view. We have a lot of nice light now that the room is no longer orange with bright green carpet. 😉 My hubby did an awesome job!

And that’s it!

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Stars In My Eye: Mixed Media Junk Journal

Stars In My Eyes

We are finishing up that last of our renovations in the family room/Craft area this week. My hubby has been doing a amazing job painting, flooring and putting in baseboards. It looks fabulous compared to my furniture painting. Today I spent almost 3 hours painting a couple book cases and a filing cabinet so I could keep with the color scheme. Now that the paint is dry all I can see are the spots that I missed. I am hoping that no one will notice once all the shelves are filled with pretty things but it is obvious that I don’t have the knack when it comes to furniture painting.

The stars come into my eyes when I start dreaming of what my completed craft room will look like when I get all the storage I want. Of course it may not look like my Craft Storage Board on Pinterest but I am hoping to come up with some pretty and creative ways to make it resemble my style.

So,if you have any tips on creative storage or just want to share a pretty picture of your craft area I would LOVE to see it!

Making the Journal Layout

The Inspiration

Here is the next layout in my Junk Journal. You can see my previous layout HERE.

The Process

As I said in the previous post, this journal was made using a magazine as the base. I painted the pages using Fresco Finish Paints. I used Infusions in the background and embossed in white and yellow.

As you can see, the paper bubbled quite a bit while heating the embossing powder. This is where I learned that I needed to add a paper base over the magazine pages. After adding a bunch of other scraps and a focal image, my layout is complete.

Thanks for Looking and Happy Tea Day. Check out the rest of the T ladies over at Elizabeth‘s.


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Through The Yellow Spectacles: Mixed Media Junk Journal

Life Through Yellow Spectacles

As we start the new year I am thinking and dreaming up all that I want to accomplish this coming year. I can see my year through ‘yellow colored spectacles’. Sadly, the newness wears off after a few months, maybe even a few weeks.

But in my case, that was yesterday. I was thinking of all that I had to accomplish for the day…grocery shopping, Goodwill drop, pick up a library book and a cleaning at the dentist, all while I was backing out of the driveway. And then I heard the CRUNCH. My heart started pounding as I remembered the car parked in the driveway right behind me. Yeah, I forgot to look. Worst of all, it wasn’t our car.

Not exactly the perfect way to start off the new year but after many tears I realize it is not the end of the world. Sure, it will cost money to fix two vehicles but it could have been worse. No one was hurt and the damage is minimal.

So, as we start the new year I am going to try and keep those pretty spectacles on and keep on carrying on!

Making The Journal Layout

The Inspiration

For the new year I am trying something new. A junk journal.

Joyce Kers over at Scraps of Elegance makes the most beautiful Junk Journals. I have been eyeing them for a while and finally decided to try my hand at one. Mine is by no means as elegant but I used ALL scraps from my box. And who doesn’t love to use up scraps!

The Process

My base is a coveted Anthropology magazine that I have been hoarding forever. I added paper to the magazine pages. I found out by trial and error that painted magazine paper and heat do not mix. 😉

After adding paper scraps and painting my background I stamped with a Christy Tomlinson Stamp. As I said before, this is a junk journal so my goal is to only use items on my desk and items from my scrap box which includes previously discarded stamped images.

Lastly, I layered my scraps of choice and doodled around the edges with a white out pen.

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A Year In Review


After week off from blogging to enjoy the time with my family I am ready to get back to creating. It was really nice to focus on family without the stress of other things. I can always clean my house when they go back to school, right? Aren’t they just the sweetest?!

I can’t wait to start art journaling again especially since Hubby bought me this for Christmas!!!!!

The only problem is we are remodeling our family room which also happens to be my craft space. Obviously, getting a bright new beautiful space to play is NOT a problem. But it does mean I will not be able to create or sew for a week or two until the flooring is complete. I will be waiting with eager anticipation until it is done and storing up ideas in my brain.

I will be sharing a few journal pages that I have completed over that two week period of time. So, today I thought I would share a few of my favorite projects over this past year. You can click on the text to be taken directly to the post.

So Here we go!

Favorites of 2017

The Vintage Circus Altered Book Part 1 & Part 2


Splashes Of Tea Art Journal


Seth Apter Steampunk Journal Layout


Steampunk Art Journal


The European Tourist Pamphlet Card


Asiatic Dynasty: Fabric Journal


Thank You!

I just wanted to thank all my loyal readers for your comments and encouraging words. I am always glad to hear your thoughts on my pondering’s and my art. I have laughed quite a lot and found out so much about each one of you from your personal tid bits and experiences shared. I love that! It makes blogging so much more personal.

For the coming year I am considering moving my blog to a domain, mainly because I am limited as to what I can add to wordpress and I am running out of photo space. As of this month my blog turned 7 years old and believe it or not that is a lot of pictures! I am not sure about all the specifics so I will let you all know if and when I decide to do that.

Happy New Year! And a Happy Tea Day over at Elizabeth’s!




Who Wants A Peppermint Snowflake? A Mixed Media Christmas Tag


I have never been a huge fan of peppermint but around the Holidays it can be found in everything from Peppermint drinks, peppermint cookies, peppermint ice cream and wait for it…peppermint donuts. The donuts is taking it a bit far, in my opinion. I am a jelly and creme filled kinda girl. And the more filling the better!!

So when it comes to holiday baking I don’t include peppermint. Except when we decided to make some homemade chocolate pretzel bark to give as gifts this year. We did sprinkle the top with crushed candy canes and pretty holiday sprinkles.

Here are a few pictures of our baked items so far. Last evening, we made pretty chocolate crinkles. My hubby and I laughed about how they went into the oven looking ugly (compliments of my two helpers 😉 ) and came out looking like they had a makeover. I would definitely make these again with children as they are very forgiving. And tasty.

The second cookie is Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. I went grocery shopping this morning with a specific request from the hubby for fudge cookies. I came home instead with a container of rolled oats because I couldn’t remember if we had anymore and I needed it to make our sweet potato bake for Christmas Day. Hubby always complains I never have enough snacks in the house. I try to keep extra goodies out because I am on a specific meal plan without Gluten and sugar. Sweet things are pretty much my weakness. So, to get back to the hubby…he requested these cookies since we now have 3 containers of Rolled Oats.

Making The Tag


Yea! I made it to tag #12 at the 12 Tags of Christmas sponsored by The Funkie Junkie Boutique. Linda’s tag reminds me of a retro Christmas! Her beautiful argyle background, snowflakes and touches of red inspired my tag.

The Process

Again, I decided to re-purpose an old tag. I used a stencil with embossing powder and dripped some Brushed Pewter Distress Paint. It has been a while since my Tim Holtz snowflake rosette dies have been used so I dug them out and gave them some love! The bakers twine rolled up was a last minute idea. But doesn’t it remind you of peppermints? I would have done red for both but I couldn’t find anymore so red and gray it is. The JOFY tree from PaperArtsy is quickly becoming a favorite so I used it again as well.


Challenges Entered:

Tag #12: The Funkie Junkie

Craft Stamper: Anything Goes Stamping

STAMPlorations: Tags All About Christmas

Mixed Media Warriors: moodboard

Tag Tuesday: Christmas Memories

The Merry Christmas Challenge: Anything Christmas

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I Am Unique: Mixed Media Art Journal Layout

SO Unique

As I was sitting at the bus stop this morning, I was looking at my little people and thinking about what makes each one of them unique. I find it so amazing that I have three children, all with the same father and mother and yet they are very different.

My oldest is sensitive, sweet and the perfect older brother except when it comes to his roommate. He has swindled his little brother out of more than one battery operated toy. 😉

And my middle is so cuddly and snugly. He LOVES bunnies and has more energy than all my children put together. Most afternoons he can be found laying on the floor, using his feet to propel him through the house on his back. I call him my human vacuum cleaner.

And my sweet rainbow baby is still developing her personality but is so happy when around her family. She makes the funniest expressions and has a belly laugh that warms my insides every time.

They are all so unique yet so AMAZING!

Making the Journal Layout

Inspiration or Lack Thereof…

I made this layout for my new art journal fashioned from a comic book. I haven’t named this journal as of yet but the theme so far is stenciled backgrounds and vintage photos from India.

I started off thinking this was going to be a Alice In Wonderland themed art journal. I stamped and cut out all my Alice themed stamps and covered the pages with paper. After making this first background, I struggled with finding placement for the Alice stamps. Nothing I tried was too my liking, so I tried some of the photos that I had been saving for my newly bound and massive art journal. These photos appealed to my eye so I will have to save the Alice themed Journal for another time.


My background was made using the StencilGirl Art Deco Borders. I used some embossing powder in various colors and a Pink Paislee stamp in the background. I added my photo because I thought I was done. But I still felt it needed more so I went back and added splashes of Distress Paints in brighter colors to finish it off.

I am a little late but I want to join Elizabeth for Tea Day!

Happy Week BEFORE Christmas!


Challenges Entered:

STAMPlorations: Mixed Media December

Art Journal Journey: Let’s Celebrate (Our Uniqueness)


Stockings and Santa: Mixed Media Christmas Tag

Stockings and Santa


I thought I would share another Christmas vignette in my house. My MIL gifted me this old world Santa a few years ago. I am not into primitive decor but I absolutely love old world Santa’s. I think it has something to do with the wood and distressed look. As of right now I only have this one but I am eager to find some more.

Below my old world Santa hangs all of our stockings. I still have one left to make but that may not happen this year. You may have noticed there are 6 stockings and only 5 in our family. I have decided to start hanging a stocking for Faolan every year. I enjoy finding little ways to incorporate his memory into our special events.

Making Tag #11


I  am onto tag #11 at the 12 Tags of Christmas over at The Funkie Junkie sponsored by The Funkie Junkie Boutique. My tag took a very different turn but I still drew inspiration from Linda’s tag. I really liked her trim around the center of the tag, the bow and the center focal point.

The Process

I started by picking out a tag base that was never used, from my stash. I reworked it by adding a few layers of Distress paint and some color spray. Next, I added a circle stamp in gold and some dyed vintage lace trims to the center of the tag. For the center focal point I stamped and embossed ornaments from The Artistic Stamper. The color on the ornaments was created by dipping the wrong end of my paint brush in paint. I added feathers to the ornaments to give a more boho look.


Challenges Entered:

12 Tags of Christmas #11: The Funkie Junkie

The Artistic Stamper: Christmas

Country View CHallenge: Christmas

The Merry Christmas Challenge: Anything goes Christmas

Sparkles: White Christmas


Weeping Trees Make Me Smile: Mixed Media Christmas Tag

My Little Tree

I thought I would share my tree since the theme of this post is trees. We got this pretty Balsam Fir the day after Thanksgiving. I wanted to have a full month to enjoy my Christmas decor. Unfortunately, the needles are already starting to fall and it is looking a bit crispy up close.

At the end of last year, I made this tree skirt for under my tree. I based it off of a picture of a Anthropology tree skirt.  You can see my tutorial HERE. I am loving the way it looks under my tree. My kids put their Lego train around the tree but the pompoms on my tree skirt were interfering with their Lego track. They weren’t very happy about that so we bought more track to make it larger to extend past the tree skirt. Now I can see all of my tree skirt and my boys have their Lego train.

Making Tag #10


l am on a roll! Only 2 tags left to go for me. I am playing along with the 12 Tags of Christmas over at The Funkie Junkie sponsered by The Funkie Junkie Boutique. You can see Linda’s #10 tag HERE. While my tag looks nothing like Linda’s I did draw inspiration from her tag. I loved her rows of stenciled tinsel and the greenery from the wreath.

The Background

Since I didn’t have any stencils that looked remotely similar to tinsel, I used rows of stars. Definitely festive. I used PaperArtsy Infusions in the background and then daubed on some green ink before embossing some script in white. I made a wreath out of fake greens but in the end I remembered this really beautiful PaperArtsy Jofy stamp that I never used. Not my typical style but I love it! I want a real tree that looks like this 😉 I stamped the tree and then painted it using Distress Makers.

I am playing along with Elizabeth for Tea Day. Thank you for joining me today.

Challenges Entered:

12 Tags of Christmas #10 Tag: The Funkie Junkie

Stamp and Stencils: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

More Mixed Media Challenge: Anything Goes

Simon Says: Gift It

Simon Says: Christmas/Winter Holidays

We Love 2 Create: Anything Mixed Media

Surviving the Freshly Fallen Snow: Mixed Media Christmas Tag

Only 25 Days

Actually it is 17 days till Christmas but who is counting 😉 To be honest, it doesn’t feel like Christmas. My shopping is done, I am listening to Christmas music and I have done a little baking but the one thing missing is SNOW.

Beautiful, glistening, pure white powder coating each and every branch and surface. Tonight we had our first storm of flurries but not the real thing. I love waking up to a winter wonderland outside my window, the house illuminated with light due to the suns reflection off the snow. It is a most glorious sight that continues to awe me. God’s creation is SO beautiful. That is, until the snow plow comes along and makes everything dirty and black. Then suddenly I am over it. Oh, that and when I have to drive up our hill/ridge to get to our house. Last year I had to drive up the hill after getting my kids off the bus and it started snowing. My little Honda was sliding backwards and swerving from one side to the other. I was so scared that we were going to slide backwards into the road while I had all my babies with me. Thankfully, hubby got me new tires so he says that shouldn’t happen again.

So, what’s your favorite thing about snow?

Making Tag #9


Here is my next tag for the 12 Tags of Christmas over at The Funkie Junkie sponsored by The Funkie Junkie Boutique. You can see Linda’s #9 Tag HERE. I took inspiration from her beautiful purple background, freshly falling snow, trees and the deer.


I started by using a border die as a stencil with some texture paste. I painted the background and used PaperArtsy Infusions.


When it came to the composition I had difficulty at first. I started looking through my animal stamps because I didn’t have any deer. I discovered that I have very few animal stamps and those that I did have would not look good under a snowfall. I remembered my 25 Tags of Christmas that I made many years ago. I didn’t put it on display this year so I was contemplating remaking them. And then I saw a tag with a deer and some greenery and I knew that was what I needed.

So, the deer, greenery and 25 are from a few different tags and then I added gold glitter since I didn’t have white. I splattered some gesso for the snowfall.

And that’s it for this tag. Have a beautiful weekend. And if you have snow, enjoy God’s beautiful creation!


Challenges Entered:

12 Tags of Christmas Tag #9: The Funkie Junkie

Stamplorations: December TAGSplorations






A Shiny Christmas: Mixed Media Christmas Tag

Shiny Christmas

As I sit in my favorite sunken in spot on the couch, I am watching a episode of Supernatural with the hubby and enjoying the shine of the Christmas lights twinkling through my house. I love the extra glow that the Christmas lights make when they reflect off the silver and gold mercury glass baubles on my tree. Isn’t Christmas the coziest time of the year?

Making Tag #8


Linda over at the Funkie Junkie is almost finished with her 12 Tags of Christmas while I am only on tag #8. You can See Linda’s #8 Tag HERE. I am taking my inspiration from her lovely embossed background,  pastel colors Broken China and Worn Lipstick as well as the metallic silver. Her amazing store, The Funkie Junkie Boutique is sponsoring this challenge.

Making the Tag

Now that I look at it, it needs more foliage. But sometimes you don’t want to go back and re-due it.

So, I painted my background with Spun Sugar and Broken China Distress Paint. I embossed in silver over the embossed background. The stamped image is from Lynne Perrella and the ferns are from I Am Roses. The sentiment is also from a Lynne Perrella stamp set and the background was painted with worn lipstick Distress Paint. I added a bit of lace and Stickles to finish off the tag.

Thank you for stopping. And a Happy Tea Day for those of you joining Elizabeth.


Challenges Entered:

12 Days of Christmas Tag #8: The Funkie Junkie

Guest Post for PaperArsty: Mixed Media Art Journal

Guest designing

Just a little peek at my post over at the PaperArtsy Blog today. The theme is ripped, torn and burnt. I won’t tell you which one I chose so you will have to go look. I don’t have a lot of time for chit chat today because I have a lot to do. Saturdays’ in December always seem to be busy busy busy.

You can find the post HERE.

I hope you have a productive day!