A Life Time

“Anything over 20 is old.” That was my stance on age, until I reached the age of twenty. And then it became 30. Now, as my age creeps ever closer to that big 4-0, I can’t help but feel trapped inside an aging body that won’t stay young like my mind. Every time I talk on the phone to my 94 year old, Florida-residing, Grandmother, she tells me to never get old. She warns me of the constant aches, pains, lack of sleep and the regressing bodily functions, despite her careful maintenance and sharp mind.

As I place myself in her shoes I can see her looking in the mirror, replaying her whirlwind romance during WWII, to her years of mothering 6 babies and then traveling the world with her dashing husband, as her children trickle into adulthood. How is it that 70 some years later she is starring at her wrinkled skin, thinned silvery hair and weakened body, yet her mind never left those years. The still fresh memories make it seem like yesterday.

In a few weeks, I will turn 34 and yet I still remember those crazy high school moments, the heat that swept through me every time my hubby put his arm around me while dating, and the overwhelming satisfaction and contentment as I stared into the faces of my newborn children, as their little fingers wrapped around my adult-sized one. I know I have said it before but how amazing is it that God gave us such photographic memories. How sad it is for those suffering from memory related illnesses. To not remember would take away the essence of who I am. Everything that I have endured or experienced has made me ME and to forget that would make me someone else entirely. Someone empty. So even through our lifetime must eventually come to its conclusion, be thankful that no matter your age you can remember. You can recall those beautiful moments at a thought. And despite where you are in life right now, things can only get better. Just close your eyes and recall.

Creating The Journal Layout

For this background, I used a couple different stencils. I started using a lacy stencil with Distress Paint and a doily stencil with Black Soot Distress Ink. I doodled a little and painted the stenciled images with Distress Paints. I stamped the background using a Christy Tomlinson Unity stamp. Thread, sewing scraps and re-cycled pieces from my stash were used to embellish.

This picture of my children was taken when my daughter was a few months old. I remember this day and it brings back sweet memories.

To see the other layout in my daughter’s art journal click the link below:

She Is My Blessing Child

Happy Tea Day to those playing along with Elizabeth and Bleubeard. As you can see, my mug is in the background hiding behind my succulents but it is full of my favorite green tea.


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Creative Artiste: Anything Goes #37

That’s Crafty: Going Round in Circles

Country View Challenge: Pimp It Up (Re-cycled pieces from stash)