Who wants a piece of cake? I made this vanilla layer cake this weekend for my daughters birthday party. I intended to make a Naked Cake but after adding all the layers I decided to just leave it. You can imagine I was afraid it might topple over if moved it too much. It turned out a lot taller than I expected but I guess that it what happens when you stack 8 layers with frosting and strawberries. For the top, I decorated with a banner and chocolate decorations that I made from melted chocolate coating.

And here is my sweetie in her birthday dress. She woke up from her nap after everyone had arrived and was a little overwhelmed. My hubby was trying to coax her out of the bedroom so he could take her picture.

Old And Exhausted

I enjoy parties but I always forget how much work they are when I decide to throw one. I made food over the course of 3 days for about 20 people. Lets just say I am getting old because I am still exhausted and it is 2 days later. My son’s birthday is in two weeks and I told him we are not having a party as I need a few months to recover. 😉

New Plants

Since I am not sharing a craft related project today I thought I would share some of my plants. I love that the green brings a bit of spring to my house year round. I bought this bar cart recently from Goodwill (brand new from Target).  I visit Goodwill every week to check out what is new and I spotted this cart one week when I was low on cash. I kept thinking about it and told myself if it was there the next week I would buy it. That thought process went on for a few weeks and surprisingly 4 weeks later the cart was still there. So I broke down and bought it for a whopping $15.

Some of the plants I revived from Walmart and some I bought last summer at our local greenhouse.

As you can see I have my mug of tea hiding in the background so I can participate with Elizabeth for Tea Day.

Happy Tea Day,