The Neutral Zone

Speaking of the neutral zone, my hubby and I watched the newest Star Trek ‘Beyond’ movie. If you haven’t seen Star Trek than you probably have no idea how ‘Neutral’ fits into this paragraph. But that’s alright because I am not going to dwell on Star Trek but on the ‘movies’.

We usually wait for movies to come out on dvd before watching them. Not only is it difficult to find time for a date, but there is something exciting about saving $10 a ticket, $6 on supersized artery- clogging popcorn and most importantly being able to watch the movie in non-approved movie theater clothing. And I admit, I am a talker. I like to as questions, gasp, laugh and cry with however the emotional roller coaster plays out. My husband, on the other hand, loves to go to the movies because he is all about the huge screen and the surround sound. It must be a guy thing. Sure, I like to be able to see the picture but I can see it just fine if not better from my comfy spot on the couch. And if I may add, I will never have to worry about sitting behind a tall person that takes up part of the screen. Or giggling teenagers that laugh every time the leading man and lady kiss. Which, by the way, totally destroys the mood and obscures the following dialogue. (Yeah, I watched Twilight in the theaters.)

So, what do your think? Team Movies, Team Couch or Team Neutral?

Ok, onto the neutral index card.

Creating the Index Art

I pulled out my pack of index cards to create a portfolio card recently and decided to try out index card art. I have been seeing a lot of the ICAD’s which seems to be the new craze. While I don’t have time to craft every day (gasp), I have been trying to make more time in my schedule than before.

Let me just say that index cards used to be cards. Now they are thin, flabby pieces of paper being passed off as cards. So disappointing! Because of this, I had to add bulk to provide more support. I added a piece of vintage paper, followed burlap trim, coffee stained muslin and another layer of stamped muslin.

I cut a chipboard tile and stamped it with and Asian lotus, wound black thread around the card, affixed a few UmWow chipboard circles and splattered the finished piece with gesso and coffee.

I am usually all about color but I thought I would try something different for this piece.

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Are there any great TV series or movies that you have watched recently? I need more suggestions.

Thank your for reading!


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