Signs for the Road 1

Life is One Big Road with Lots of Signs- Bob Marley

This quote is so true isn’t it? We have so many different roads that we can take in life and each choice we make impacts the road on which we end up. When we are young we don’t always put much thought into our choices and we just live in the moment. But, crazy enough, those moments can cause consequences that we live out for years to come.

I am so grateful that I had a wonderful father that encouraged me to ‘read the signs’, make good choices and think about the outcomes before hand. I can’t say that all my decisions have been the best, I am human and flawed after all, but I look back and see places where I could have made a different choice which would have put me on a entirely different road.

In honor of upcoming father’s day this is a shout out to my Dad, my Father-in Law and to the Amazing Daddy of our 3 children. Children need dads to help guide them through life’s tough spots. Dad’s make a huge impact whether it be positive or negative. I am so Thankful for these positive and Godly influences in my life and in the lives of my children.

This quote was perfect for my masculine themed journal page.


Signs for the Road 2

Creating The Journal Page

The background for this page is a crumpled up paper bag that had been cut, painted, stenciled and stamped upon. I love the old advertisements as they add a vintage quality to the page. I stamped in the background with a Christy Tomlinson Stamp and stenciled some punchinella, despite it looking like big black blobs.  I used a few older die cuts from my table stash and am feeling pleased with the steam- punkish result… and very fitting as Sunday is Father’s Day.

Signs for the Road 3

Speaking of Father’s Day, what special traditions or things do you do for the men in your life?

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