Bring Boho Style to Your Home

I have had this book on my Amazon wish list for several years. This Christmas I got smart and moved the priority of this book to high. My hubby always gets me gifts based on how I prioritize them. Global decor specifically centering around Asian, Moroccan and Indian elements has been a interest of mine for a while so this book appeared to be right up my alley based on the cover picture and description.


The  Beautiful Back Cover

 The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes By Justina Blakeney is a book about Bohemian decor, which includes a lot of bold color, texture, and patterns (do you see why I like this?) with natural elements such as house plants, wood accents and natural fibers. I Loved the amount of photos included and that many of them were a full page. The author takes several inspirational living spaces, interviews the decorator/home owner and zeros in on details about the space. She chooses 5-7 elements from each space and wraps up the section by giving the reader ideas on incorporating them into their space. There are even a handful of DIY projects with photographs and written directions.

 I was so pleased with this book that I walked away from it teeming with new ideas. If you like Bohemian decor or inspirational decorating books this one is for you!