I am trying to challenge myself to try new things. I have a journal where I keep all my scrap/art info. I have a section of projects and techniques to try, thanks to all the inspiration in blogworld. One of those projects was an entire journal done in the kraft, cream and black/brown color scheme. If you know me, thats a struggle. I LOVE color especially my glimmer sprays. So, here is the cover of my journal. I am going to use random, digarded pictures of my sons throughout this journal. I will do my best to show the pics as I complete it.
So, we are back from our trip. Thank you for all of your kind wishes. It was a lot of fun but very exhausting. We went out on day trips 4 days out of our week. One of my favorite memories was getting a handmade clay teapot from a art gallery for 15 dollars because it was miss marked! I collect yixing teapots but I love unusual, eclectic pots that I may come across especially when they are a great price! Perhaps I will show a picture of my gorgeous teapot later on in the week.
Happy Monday!