First off, I have been out of touch with everyone because I been in bed sick since Saturday. Stuff like the chills, sweating, sore throat, vomiting, muscle aches and a high fever. I thought I was feeling better and then this morning around 12:30 am I woke up drenched in sweat and my throat was on fire when I swallowed. I am a RN so I couldn’t resist the urge to pull out my flashlight and wouldn’t you know… I had a whole field of white stuff growing in the back of my throat. I was going to look for a cool picture online to share but that might be too much for some of you. Needless to say, I went to the Dr. and he said it is my tonsils or mono. I find out tomorrow. I cannot imagine all the mothers out there that have a family, a job and are living with mono. I have had a few days of this and I am already thanking the Lord for my health and that of my family. How blessed I am!! I know this is a bit out of my normal topics but just some encouragment to be thankful for your health & family.


   Here is a little card to share that I made a couple of weeks ago. Sometimes, I keep projects hidden until moments like this pop up. I am missing my craft room so much but until I get better I will just have to dream of my projects from bed. Goodness knows I have plenty of time. Also, I am psyched about my Christy Tomlinson mixed media kit coming any day now. Have any of you tried a kit club? This will be my first. I would like to hear any reccomendations.
   Thank you for reading my out of the ordinary post. I do hope I did not gross anyone out. Enjoy your week and SMILE!