Well, I am at it again. Art journaling is taking over my life. I find myself frantically searching for blogs providing inspiration and eye candy. I love how everyone interprets life so uniquely. I wonder what took me so long to join in the fun.

This page is inspired by my favorite movie and actress, My Fair Lady with Audrey Hepburn. I am addicted to all the songs in the movie. I really like this one though because she finally learns to speak English like a lady.

I bought the new Glitz clear stamps. The ones with the vintage images, ads, frames and silhouettes. They are fun and gorgeous! I bought them at a deal of the day website. I got all three new stamp sets plus the old one for less than 25$ with shipping. That is an AWESOME deal. You should check out this site if you like great deals. I almost never pay full price for anything I buy. Lets just say I am cheap.

I used three of my new Glitz sets on this journal layout. One has a rain theme with an adorable umbrella so of course I had to use that one. Not to mention it goes perfectly with the song. I included lots of things that reminded me of rainy days. Fire wood for a cozy fire, music, kids playing inside and making mischief, reading a book or newspaper… The list is endless.

I hope you enjoy rainy days. My son Winston always sees rain and says that it is going to be a ‘party day’. He got that from one of his Winnie the Pooh books. Wouldn’t life be more fun if we saw each rainy day as a party day? Happy Tuesday!