I mentioned in my previous post that I had made a card for Tomoko  for her Inori Project.  She is collecting craft donations from anyone that would like to give. She will be selling these craft items on Japanese Facebook and all the proceeds will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross to help victims of the recent earthwakes and tsunami.

    I am a stay- at-home mom and wife. I love my job and would never give it up but at times I feel disconnected from the world. I want to help where needed but as the mother of two small boys I feel as though I am unable to vollunteer my time. This is the perfect opportunity to feel useful. How great is it that I get to create and help others at the same time? Please check Tomoko out at Crop-Addict. Perhaps there is a way that you can be a blessing to someone else by donating some of your projects. Even if you cannot donate remember the way you can help most is by prayer. We have such a GREAT and POWERFUL GOD. All he wants us to do is cast our burdens upon Him and He will take care of the rest.